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Poultry Victoria Area

Poultry in Victoria Area62

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Laying hens thumbnail image
Year old laying hens. Still laying well. Needing to upgrade our coop so downsizing our flock. A...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40767043
Posted:June 17, 2024
*Barred Rock $36 per dozen $21 per 6 eggs *Red Rock Hybrid Auto sexing Heritage Rhode ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40766631
Posted:June 17, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
11 week old gentle Columbian Rock Rooster - white with black accent. Starting to get his green i...
Ad Id:40765779
Posted:June 16, 2024
FREE: 2 male coturnix quail thumbnail image
2 male coturnix quail for free. They are eight weeks old, I ended up with too many males and don’...
Ad Id:40765759
Posted:June 16, 2024
Brooder Heat Lamp and Bulb thumbnail image
I have 3 Brooder Heat lamp fixtures and 6 Infrared red bulbs for sale. All in good condition. So...
Ad Id:40765573
Posted:June 16, 2024
Red Rock Pullets and More thumbnail image
Red Rock hatching eggs available and more. Heritage Rhode Island Red Rooster over Barred Rock ...
Ad Id:40571146
Renewed:June 16, 2024
Chiken coop thumbnail image
Large chicken coop -easy for transport as it comes apart in sections Custom built, strong and s...
Shawnigan Lake
Ad Id:40718536
Renewed:June 16, 2024
Quail chicks thumbnail image
Coturnix quail chicks hatched June 14th. Sold unsexed (although extra males can be returned), $5 ...
Ad Id:40764416
Posted:June 15, 2024
Flock of Embden geese thumbnail image
"I am looking to rehome 17 Embden geese. We believe that there are 6 males and 11 females, all ag...
Ad Id:40762844
Posted:June 14, 2024
Black and White Magpie Ducklings thumbnail image
I have all white and black and white magpie ducklings available at varying ages. If you’re intere...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40667567
Renewed:June 14, 2024
12 week layers sexed and vaccinated thumbnail image
These brown sex-link hens are the most prolific layers giving owners an egg a day! Prices go up e...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40761101
Posted:June 13, 2024
FREE: Ameraucana and Chantecler Roosters thumbnail image
Free roosters in Metchosin! They were hatched easter weekend. Two buff chanteclers and one bla...
Ad Id:40758645
Posted:June 12, 2024
Free Speckled Sussex Rooster thumbnail image
This sweet little guy is looking for a new home! I live in Fernwood and therefore can't keep him,...
Ad Id:40757680
Renewed:June 11, 2024
I have 16 beautiful purebred Lavender Ameraucana chicks hatched June 10 & 11, 2024. These are da...
Ad Id:40758082
Posted:June 11, 2024
Chicks thumbnail image
I have 10 unsexed chicks available, hatched June 3rd. They are BCM, BCM x and Easter Egger and wi...
Ad Id:40756696
Posted:June 10, 2024
Chicken / Duck coop thumbnail image
Newly built Chicken Coop. Dimensions are 4'w x 4'L x 4' H Comes with two moveable / removable n...
Ad Id:40755165
Posted:June 9, 2024
Silver Sebright Chicks thumbnail image
Silver Sebright chicks. Up to 8 weeks old. $15 each Located in Duncan
Ad Id:40753903
Posted:June 8, 2024
Chicks, Chicks, Chicks thumbnail image
$9, unsexed. 2 weeks old Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans and Ameraucanas $11, unsexed. 5 wee...
Ad Id:40709206
Renewed:June 8, 2024
Do you need a Roo? Leghorn Columbia Rock crosses 7 months thumbnail image
Young roosters need a flock of their own. Leghorn cross/Leghorn Svart Hona mix/Columbia Rock cr...
Ad Id:40752469
Posted:June 7, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
Hatched June 3rd. Commercial white male turkey poults. Up to 8 available. $10 each now or $15 eac...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40751759
Posted:June 7, 2024
Farm Fresh Duck Eggs! $10/Dozen thumbnail image
New to duck eggs? Try a 1/2 dozen ($5)! Many benefits over chicken eggs including: - Larger Si...
Ad Id:40751314
Posted:June 7, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
Silkie $55 doz Lavender Orpington $70 Bantam Cochin x Chicks $20 Lavender Orpington & Silkie...
Ad Id:40749255
Posted:June 5, 2024
3 month old Plymouth Rock Rooster thumbnail image
We have a 3 month old Plymouth Rock Rooster that we can’t keep unfortunately. His name is Larry a...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40748829
Posted:June 5, 2024
Purebred Ameraucana chicks thumbnail image
Sweet little purebred Ameraucana chicks from show quality parents. Black, Blue, white and a few m...
Ad Id:40748309
Posted:June 5, 2024
Hatching Eggs - Heritage Mix thumbnail image
$20/mixed dozen of our barnyard eggs, fertilized and ready for incubation. Our friendly roos are...
Ad Id:39502292
Renewed:June 2, 2024
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