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All categories Victoria Area
lifesmith (14)
WANTED: Parking Space for My Mini RV. thumbnail image
WANTED - Parking Space for My Mini RV. I am Looking for a place to park my 17' RV, short or long term. Can pay for a parking space and would prefer a ...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35999358
Posted:June 28, 2020
Professional Pet & House Sitting Services thumbnail image
Professional Pet & House Sitting Services Are you looking for the best care for your pets and home while you're away? We are the green pet car...
Ad Id:36286946
Posted:August 24, 2020
Website Design Thats Gets Results starting at $149 per page thumbnail image
When you want to share your story you want the best tools and expertise available to reach your true potential. The problem has always been how to ac...
Ad Id:39495557
Posted:April 20, 2022
Fifth Wheel and Trailer Hawling thumbnail image
Truck & Diver For Trailer Deliveries Starting at $85 Based out of Victoria Mother Truckers are there to help when you need our special brand of TL...
Ad Id:40355603
Posted:October 5, 2023
Environmental Portrait Photography thumbnail image
A Master Environmental Portrait Photographer is now available for portrait sessions in Greater Victoria starting at $150 The art of capturing the b...
Ad Id:40486845
Posted:December 18, 2023
Ghostwriters For Hire thumbnail image
Have you had an extraordinary life story that should be recorded as an inspiring and exciting memoir ? Do you have a novel in you but you just can'...
Ad Id:39978411
Posted:March 11, 2023
Trailer Towing On Vancouver Island thumbnail image
Truck & Diver For Rent Starting at $85 for trailer deliveries When you need a trailer delivered we have the experience and skills to get the job do...
Ad Id:40355643
Posted:October 5, 2023
Truck and Driver For Rent thumbnail image
These are Vancouver Island TLC truckers. Whether its a china cabinate you bought at an auction or a boat or vehicle or a whole home you need to be re...
Ad Id:40238534
Posted:August 2, 2023
Book A Portrait Session with a Master Photographer (A Great Gift) thumbnail image
Life is short and today is truly a gift to be treasured, so book a session with a master photographer and capture the magic of this moment. Envir...
Ad Id:39404311
Posted:February 18, 2022
Graphic Design & Brand Management thumbnail image
The Creative Director for happens to live in Victoria. Garnet McPherson is well known as a graphic designer and he is also an instr...
Ad Id:40564303
Posted:February 8, 2024
How would you like to live in an Eco Village thumbnail image
Earthworks designs eco villages in Canada and around the world. Each one is unique and has its own character and advantages. Our next project will be ...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39495603
Posted:April 20, 2022
Silver Pendant Bioelectric Shield at Wholesale Pricing thumbnail image
This is a STUNNING STERLING SILVER NECKLESS with a Secret benefit - Designed as a personal EMF shield, this attractive silver pendant encases a specia...
Ad Id:39419443
Posted:February 28, 2022
Drone Photography and Virtual Tour Videography thumbnail image
Our imaging team will guide you in how to best tell your story in more profoundly powerful ways. Both on the ground and in the air we have a team of e...
Ad Id:39404288
Posted:February 18, 2022
Professional Writer For Hire thumbnail image
Do you have a product or service that you are marketing and need powerful advertizing copy? Have you had an extraordinary life story that should be...
Ad Id:39978428
Posted:March 11, 2023
lifesmith profile image
Gem McPherson
A Gentleman with Edge … In essence I am a communicator by profession, an adventurer by obsession, I suppose I am well traveled, well read and rich in experience but i simply see myself as a student of life. I see every day as a fantastic opportunity to be at our best if we are ever to reach our destiny as stewards of the well being of each other and our planet.