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$30 · Deep Heart Listening +Energy Healing

When is the last time you felt truly heard? Truly seen? The power of being truly seen and heard is profound and transformative. It is Heart healing. 👉🏽Book your session I will listen to you for 30-60 minutes with deep empathy + compassion while connecting to your Highest Self and holding grounding peaceful space for you. I offer you a big heart'ed virtual hug, a patient ear and guidance when asked. You will feel comfortable and a lot of love from me in this space Total privacy & no judgement. Can be done by phone call or video. 30-60 min of deep active listening held for you in a safe, grounding, peaceful + non judgemental container. 👉🏽There is also an add on below for distance healing to your session, if you feel called to it. I will send you deep healing to further ground you on your journey after our Heart listening. I will connect to your body from here to see & feel where energies may be stuck or stagnant, then balance them out. I will always connect to your highest self & offer guidance, healing and messages in whatever way they choose to come through. Always with & for your highest and best intentions Sometimes this is through angels, your spirit guides or Earth mama and her healing elements. I will send you a written note of what I felt and saw The amazing way energy works is that it transcends space, time + all dimensions, meaning that you can be anywhere doing anything and still fully receive a healing No matter how small or silly we think it might be. Sometimes we just need to be heard and we don't need answers Listening is truly an art & a trait that few people execute, because they’re either too busy interrupting & telling you their own story or they aren’t pausing their own concerns to truly listen I am from a long line of intuitive healing folk on my mother's side I am a folk herbalist, medicine woman, intuitive guide + body worker. I draw from various modalities I have studied & learned over the years to listen, guide & support in times of need I am here to remind you of your own divine power & ability to heal. You are seen You are heard You are loved. Always Thank you for being here Natasha

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