Landscaping Victoria Area
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Landscaping Victoria Area

$11,111,111 · Excavator and dump truck services

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ALL PRIMES SERVICES LTD servicing Victoria to Duncan (mainly Victoria side). Excavating and Trucking Services : Expert level offered with a high satisfactory rate! **specialize in perimeter drains , is your house flooding? Getting water in the basement? We help can solve that problem!! BEST QUALITY AND RATE for digging/trucking NOT JUST YOUR ORDINARY EXCAVATING COMPANY, WE HAVE SKILL & ARE VERY CONFIDENT IN THAT!! Competitive rate, best quality, best reliability. We will work on any day of the week including holidays to get your project completed on average @ $65/hr-$110/hr including the operation of a dump truck and an excavator. Each job varies on which type of machine is required. Call for a FREE estimate, We have every size and machines (5,17, 35, 60 , 75 , 200) to do your project! We have the ability to charge less than any other corporate company as we do not carry any overhead we own every machine with many dump trucks & we have combined/ merged two of the busiest companies together to create this lower cost & very knowledgable atmosphere. There is no doubt that Quality work is our passion . We work anywhere on the island. Free estimate. We take pride in our reputation & work. We give the best rate to stay busy. *very dependable and reliable *Fully licensed & insured. Will take on any size job. Here's a list of what we do: Delivery & removal of anything, Hauling, renovations, site Excavations, Levelling, Grading, Landscaping, Trenching, Back fill, Demolitions, Driveway and sidewalk prep, Hauling and takeaway, fence & lot clearing, digging, ditching and drain tile, final grading around houses & additions, breaking concrete & asphalt driveways, topsoil & fill, wood chips & mulch can also be delivered in our very versatile dump truck, trenching, digging holes & trenches, stump removal, trees & shrubs & brush ripped up & removal, snow removal, Deliveries of Sand Gravel Topsoil, new construction cleanup, Oil tank removal, with personal connections to environmentalists! Specializing in Perimeter Drains & inspection, Storm, Sewer, sewer & SEPTIC installation and inspection, Water, driveway repairs, inspections of all sorts, installing sump pumps. Please contact via phone/email/text and you will be greeted ASAP

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October 20, 2022
November 19, 2023
December 19, 2023
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