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$45 · Lego Star Wars - Hyena Droid Bomber #8016

Hyena Bomber Droid Hyena droids are automated starfighters equipped for heavy ordnance bombing runs. Based on the slimmer vulture droid design, hyena bombers have a wider, sturdier hull with larger wings to offer greater stability during flight. The droid's central processor unit is contained in its starboard hull unit, from which glows a pair of red photoreceptors. The port hull unit houses the droid's ordnance bay, and has a downward-facing photoreceptor for pinpoint accuracy when dropping bombs. Like the vulture droid, the hyena bomber can reconfigure its shape to adopt a ground-walking mode. 8016- Hyena Droid Bomber is a set released in December 2008/January 2009 as part of the second wave of The Clone Wars line. The Hyena-class bomber was used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a heavy ordnance craft during the Clone Wars. These bombers were used when they bombed Ryloth at the end of the invasion. The Hyena bomber also was used as a fighter, but only when needed. Switching between walker, bomber and attack modes, the Hyena Droid is a powerful multi-purpose weapon for the Separatists during The Clone Wars. It features pivoting wings and reloadable bombs. Features 4 dropping bombs; Pivot the wings for flying and walking positions; Measures 10 wide by 8 long, 232 pieces Features 4 dropping bombs and 3 new rocket battle droids with jetpacks Rocket battle droids, also known as hunter battle droids or pod hunter droids, were modified B1-Series battle droids, equipped with rocket packs, fusioncutters and floodlights, which scouted and destroyed life pods adrift in space. This set is complete and includes instructions. Check my sellers list for more Lego sets. Buy multiple sets & get a better deal. I will also trade for Lego Star Wars, Batman, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit sets. Please email to arrange your purchase. Thank You. 🐷

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January 13, 2023
April 13, 2023
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