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Sports & Fitness Instruction Victoria Area

Pad Work, Boxing Routine (one on one) no groups

Pad Work, Boxing Routine (one on one) no groups image 1

Have you ever wanted a real boxing training experience with out having to go to a boxing club. I've spent 12 years training for fights. Short of doing rounds the routine and system are still amazing for staying fit. This is not CrossFit, it may look somewhat like CrossFit but l assure you these routines have been around much longer. I have run classes in London Ont, and Peterborough Ont. I am looking for men or women, one on one, that would like a old school training experience. And it is free. Why because it's not a business it's about training with like minded people. And in the midst of it you will be learning boxing basics. Then way down the road if your into it actually spar, or not. Who l am...I boxed for 16 years medaled in Ontario Provincals. And at 56 my heart is still for boxing. Doing light fun rounds...their is nothing like it. It is the best work out. And of course if you want to do rounds right away...that's just not going to happen. Been at it to long, not looking to do rounds with tuff guys. Or people that want to use it to fight. This is about the science and the work out. Fortunately l have all the equipment. You will just need a mouth piece. Boxing training 101. And yes women are welcome. Use to do rounds with my wife. Though the closest l come to that would be a swat...looking forward to hearing from you, also tell me about yourself and what you hope to get out of it....(also it is boot camp...meaning outdoors) Also the start date is is out door though never in the rain. Really not good for the leather equipment.

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