Dairy & Eggs Victoria Area
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Dairy & Eggs Victoria Area

Dairy & Eggs in Victoria Area11

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WANTED 6 Pack Egg Cartons Or 12 Packs Splitable Center thumbnail image
We are looking for 6 pack egg cartons or the 12 pack which can be split into half with all 4 roun...
Ad Id:40684387
Renewed:July 21, 2024
Coturnix Quail eggs thumbnail image
For sale quail eggs $4 per dozen. Our lovely girls are our pets and are housed for their beautif...
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Ad Id:40817981
Posted:July 20, 2024
Farm fresh eggs thumbnail image
Farm fresh eggs @4889 Townsend drive For 10 dozens or more please message before you come.
Ad Id:40767053
Renewed:July 19, 2024
Milk Kefir Starter Grains thumbnail image
Easily start your continuous supply of kefir. Way cheaper than buying ready-made kefir. I usually...
Ad Id:23848636
Renewed:July 15, 2024
Farm Fresh Brown Eggs thumbnail image
Large brown eggs $6.50/dozen. Also medium size at $5/doz. Drive into 355 Atkins Avenue in Langfor...
Ad Id:36845001
Renewed:July 11, 2024
Organic Milk Kefir Beverage / Drink thumbnail image
Please note that this ad is FOR KEFIR BEVERAGE / DRINK, NOT for the KEFIR GRAINS. Sorry, I do not...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39882182
Renewed:July 11, 2024
Free Range Eggs $8 per dozen thumbnail image
These chickens roam freely all day ! They eat chicken feed, bugs and grass which makes for some v...
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Ad Id:40603697
Renewed:July 6, 2024
Pasteurized Goat Milk, 1.4 Litre Bottles thumbnail image
$10 Per Bottle (1.4 Litres) Glass Bottle Refundable Deposit $3 Or Bring Your Own Bottle
Ad Id:40738459
Renewed:June 29, 2024
Egg Cartons thumbnail image
I have 500 egg cartons available at this time, for all size of eggs, 20 dollars per 100 cartons....
Central Saanich
Ad Id:30521579
Renewed:June 28, 2024
Farm Fresh Eggs thumbnail image
The stand is stocked every Saturday morning by 9am. $6.00 regular or $7.00 jumbo a dozen. 4856 ...
Ad Id:40538152
Renewed:June 26, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
Red egg stand Beaver Lk Rd X West Saanich Rd. Free range happy gals, producing farm fresh eggs!...
Ad Id:39045290
Renewed:June 23, 2024
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