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$10 · TY BEANIE BOO STUFFIES ... $10 for the lot...just want them gone now.

As above, now $10 for the lot. Nacho and Stripes are the only two that have been sold...I also added Spyro the dragon to the bag. Again, $10 takes all of them. Can't go anywhere, so instead we're doing a Spring clean-out. I've gone through some of my treasures, and now for some of my daughter's stuff. I have a feeling more stuffies will be joining the party here, so the pictures and the ad will be updated as things change. I can't post pictures of all available stuffies, so I'm only posting the Ty branded stuffies until some sell to make room for new pictures. If you're interested, please let me know the name of the stuffy or stuffies. If you're not interested, then I have no idea why you're here. I mean, I'm also not interested in plush toys, but I am interested in my kid getting rid of things that clutter up her room. Note that these were not kept as collectibles, so there are some scuff marks on the eyes. I'm sure they would buff out if that's what you're into. I will keep a running tally in main ad. Like...right here: Sugar $3 - Available Slow Poke $3 - Available Nacho $3 - Sold to a lovely person. Scooter $3 - Available Owliver $5.00 - Available Octopus $3 - Available Spells $3 - Available Stripes $3 - Sold to a lovely person. Fetch $3 - Available 3 Randoms including a Pokemon and...poop? $3 Smoke free home, but oh boy do we have dog hair. It's everywhere. Pretty sure I just inhaled one. Pickup location is in Colwood near Dunsmuir Middle School. I don't have a front porch, but we can still call it a porch pickup. I'm working from home now, so pretty much any time and day work for me. If you want to hold off on pickup because you might want to make wait for the next treasure so you don't have to make multiple trips, I'm fine with that. I realize people are limiting trips out of the house, so I'm fine with holding items for a week or two, as long as you're committing to the transaction. I'm also good with doing eTransfers so we don't have to handle cash. Cross Posted.

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April 12, 2020
October 17, 2020
November 16, 2020
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