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Businesses for Sale Victoria Area

$10,000 · Gardening - make $20,000 in 400 hours - Saanich

Gardening - make $20,000 in 400 hours - Saanich image 1
Gardening - make $20,000 in 400 hours - Saanich image 2
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Gardening - make $20,000 in 400 hours - Saanich thumbnail image 2

Garden maintenance business - make $20,000 in 400 hours. Saanich locations mostly. No truck required, only a small SUV or hatchback car. Business volume can be increased to any level that is suitable to you through advertising. Due to injury unrelated to work, I might sell my upscale gardening business if the right buyer comes along. I was operating the business on a part-time basis because I am semi-retired. This is a suitable opportunity for someone semi-retired or new to the industry to get a head start. It normally takes 5 years to weed through unreliable clients before establishing a reliable customer base. So for $10,000 you are saving yourself 5 years of advertising fees and headaches, you get the best training available in the industry to avoid costly mistakes, and you get to work with upscale clients right away. Because I want this sale to be a success, I will only sell to someone who meets the following criteria: - non smoker, non drinker, non drug user - able to pass a background check (no criminal history or civil suits against them) - in good health (physical and mental) - strong work ethics and integrity, ability and credibility to interact with upscale clients - has the financial resources available to purchase the business, as well as the tools they will require - available to work frequently from March to June, weather permitting. Busy season can be from mid-February to November-December, based on your preferences. You can typically take as much time off as you desire starting in July. The amount of $10,000 includes: - upscale business name, templates for promotional material with a proven history of performance - client list (subject to approval from individual clients - sale price will be decreased if client(s) refuse the new gardener, with option for the buyer to pull out of the conditional agreement if too many clients disagree with the change of ownership) - detailed training manual on the best industry practices for each task - a total of 50 hours of hands-on training with me, to get you started the right way (additional hours of training could be added if required, and ongoing technical support will be made available if required) - if required, personalized support to market your services and grow the business to the level you want, in the locations of your choice (can be included in the 50 hours of training) The amount of $10,000 does not include tools or vehicles. Some tools might be available for sale separately. This is a real opportunity, for which I will only accept an upfront payment. You will have access to my accounting data in due time, after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Please note: I have received numerous inquiries from scammers and people who do not meet the basic criteria. Either they had a history of lawsuits against them, or they did not have $10,000 readily available. In order to not waste my valuable time on non-qualified applicants, I must now ask the following qualification questions that you must answer with the initial contact, before we can continue our discussions: 1- full legal name of any person/partner who will be part of this contract as buyer(s), so that I can ensure that you have a clean record on BC Courts online 2- do you have readily available: $10,000 for the purchase of the business, plus $5,000 for the purchase of the necessary tools? (if you don't have your tools already) This is not a "distress sale". I will only sell if all conditions are met. Otherwise I will keep operating the business. Thank you for your consideration.

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