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Sports Player/Team Match Victoria Area
Free run groups start Jan 28

Hi all, Happy New Year! For those that are a little broke and looking to get moving we'll be starting our free run groups Jan 28. This is designed for the total beginner or someone that really hasn't run in a while. It will take you up to the TC10K April 30. There will be 3 runs a week - Mon and Thurs 6pm and Sat 8am. Locations TBD, we'll likely start at Esquimalt-Gorge Park but then will start moving around the city. Runs will be emailed out each week so if you can't make all the runs, no bother, you can follow at home. First run is run 1 min walk 2 min x 8, you'll work all the way up to running 10k, promise! You just need to be there! :) We will also have a half marathon group aiming for either the Oak Bay or North Olympic Half depending on who signs up for what. I can't guarantee we'll have dedicated weeknight runs for this group (definitely will have the longer Sat runs available) but even if we don't do the weeknight half runs, you're welcome to still show up at the same time as the learn to run folk to do your run, we do have a few that do that. Anyway, all are welcome so you can bring friends, family members, co-workers, whoever! If you have questions or would like to sign up (again, totally free, nothing to lose!) let me know. This is a supportive, non-competitive group designed to get you to your goal distance at your own pace. We make sure we loop the group back early on to keep everyone together until distances get a little longer and pace groups naturally form. And it's free, who doesn't need that right now? :)

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