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All categories Victoria Area
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Long Handled Salmon Net thumbnail image
large net $50.00, lets go fishing.
Ad Id:40729613
Posted:May 23, 2024
1St GEN Dodge Parts thumbnail image
1990 Truck manuals 2 wheel drive cummings $50, Head linner backing & dome lite 60 . Original starter for 93 dodge cummings $125. phone calls on...
Ad Id:40675773
Posted:April 17, 2024
Sea Doo Shorty WetSuits thumbnail image
2 shorty wetsuits 1 Large 1 extra large both new not used $70.00 each or 120. for both. phone calls for quicker response. Thanks
Ad Id:40719134
Posted:May 16, 2024
3 Tiered Plant stand thumbnail image
plant stand L62 x W34 x H41 detachable boxes made from cedar $150.00. Phone calls get quicker response. thanks
Ad Id:40719118
Posted:May 16, 2024
Big K  Surveyors  Safety Vest thumbnail image
In new condition Safety vest 6 front pockets ,inside pockets and pack at back. and all vised up
Ad Id:40618022
Posted:March 13, 2024
Childs R Hand Golf Set thumbnail image
Kids R hand golf set , carry bag, putter, new balls & tees, irons and driver , 30" shaft length $75.00,. I prefer phone calls for quicker response. th...
Ad Id:40716027
Posted:May 14, 2024
Palco # 3 Flashers thumbnail image
Palco flashers ,# 1 condition $15 each cheaper if bought in balk. #2 condition- 6 for $ 60.00. I prefer phone calls 250-478-0360. Thanks.
Ad Id:40661118
Posted:April 8, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
Late 90s yamaha 2 stroke 90 0r 100 hp tilt and trim ,let me know what you have . Thanks.
Ad Id:40711571
Posted:May 10, 2024
4 - Toyo 225 75 16 All Weather Tires thumbnail image
225/75/16 all weather tires ,all in great condition $350.00
Ad Id:40644107
Posted:March 28, 2024
Foot Joy Ladies size 8 Golf Shoes thumbnail image
New footjoy golf shoes small 8 narrow fit .in box $50.00 . Phone please if interested .Thanks
Ad Id:40697690
Posted:April 30, 2024
Foot Joy Ladies Size 9 Sandals thumbnail image
size 9 sandals foot joy used once in new shape $40.00. Phone calls please .
Ad Id:40697646
Posted:April 30, 2024
All Leather Bib Overalls thumbnail image
Leather overalls great protection, forge work ,etc. $75.00
Ad Id:40686022
Posted:April 23, 2024
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