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All categories Victoria Area
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Toilet training seat thumbnail image
Good condition. Slightly used
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40359028
Posted:October 7, 2023
DVD movies thumbnail image
Assortment of DVD movies. Lots of action movies. $1.00 each
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39926405
Posted:February 3, 2023
Wire rack thumbnail image
Wire rack for VHS tapes. Free standing. Good condition. 1 vhs rack holds 50 movies.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39917302
Posted:January 27, 2023
Garage door seal thumbnail image
Two 8’ foot sections with rubber seal for garage doors. Can be adjusted to fit your door.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40229111
Posted:July 29, 2023
DVD movies thumbnail image
Over 100 action movies. $1.00 each
Ad Id:40327004
Posted:September 20, 2023
Work lights thumbnail image
Dual 1000 watt work lights with tripod. Never used. Excellent condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40379783
Posted:October 18, 2023
VHS Movies thumbnail image
Assorted VHS Movies. 75 cents each. Lots of action movies.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39893995
Posted:January 11, 2023
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Bruce Tillapaugh