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All categories Victoria Area
user_1141234 (32)
Troy-Bilt Tow Hitch thumbnail image
Horse-Tiller Great shape No pins
Ad Id:39375062
Posted:January 29, 2022
Embroidered Chair thumbnail image
Untouched original chair No sure of age 40 plus years A few cracks and separation of wood joints on the back Still very sturdy
Ad Id:39395439
Posted:February 11, 2022
Projector thumbnail image
A smart phone projector Never used A great stocking stuffer Start Christmas shopping early Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39510264
Posted:April 30, 2022
Rocking chair thumbnail image
Solid chair Nicely built
Ad Id:39371539
Posted:January 27, 2022
Vintage used horseshoes thumbnail image
11 old Western rustic decorative for $20
Ad Id:39375276
Posted:January 29, 2022
Midwinter Staffordshire England thumbnail image
Biscuit Barrel with Silver Plated Lid Ceramic and Porcelain Material Excellent shape Check out other items seller has Thanks
Ad Id:40454931
Posted:November 29, 2023
Toro TIS-612 thumbnail image
Intelli-Sense 6 Station Controller TIS-06-OD Weather TRAK Timer Looks like Grandpa purchased many moons ago and never used it or bought more than on...
Ad Id:40454880
Posted:November 29, 2023
Antique Clayton & Lambert Blow Torch thumbnail image
1920s Original Label somewhat there for age and using not bad Solid Brass, Steam Punk As the condition Grandpa left it Check out other items Thanks...
Ad Id:39788319
Posted:November 2, 2022
Motocross stand thumbnail image
Have had for more than 30 years Comes with a tray Excellent shape Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39546121
Posted:May 24, 2022
Glass 6 Gallon thumbnail image
Made in Mexico 🇲🇽 Over the years used to make homemade wines Then to hold bulrush Many uses
Ad Id:39400424
Posted:February 15, 2022
Pittsburgh Corning Glass blocks thumbnail image
Encurve Finishing Unit I have four corning blocks Great shape Decorative? Add lights to the inside ✨
Ad Id:39386537
Posted:February 5, 2022
Vintage 1920s Stanley Victor #966 thumbnail image
Grandpa's #966 Stanley Victor Bit Brace 1920s 10" non-ratcheting hand drill
Ad Id:39505632
Posted:April 27, 2022
Vintage Shelley Dainty Blue thumbnail image
In excellent shape Check out other items Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39782883
Posted:October 30, 2022
Vintage Stanley thumbnail image
Grandpa's Vintage Stanley All Purpose Aluminum 10" Tin Snips Made in USA Very light
Ad Id:39513568
Posted:May 2, 2022
Royal Albert Clock & Bowl thumbnail image
Old Country Roses Footed Bowl No damage, scratches or chips Also clock no damage or chips Both for $75 Check out other items Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39780784
Posted:October 29, 2022
3 Axes thumbnail image
GRAMPA'S axes Clean up they'll look great Thanks Dennis Check out other items
Ad Id:39779766
Posted:October 28, 2022
Shelley LJ 1756 thumbnail image
Has a nick Could have been done years ago to use the jack Possibly 1957 Landover Wagon Single screw jack 12" closed 21.5" extended
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39383828
Posted:February 4, 2022
Taylor Improved Bar Clamp thumbnail image
Great Grandpa's 2 (52") Taylor bar clamp Pat'd oct 8 1907 Great working order Check out other items Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39513550
Posted:May 2, 2022
Minton China for Birks thumbnail image
These 2 teacups and saucers In great shape From 1873-1915 Priced at almost 2 for 1 price Check out other items Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39782879
Posted:October 30, 2022
Table vice/ hand vice thumbnail image
Grandpa's tools Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:39701405
Posted:September 8, 2022
Starbucks Samburo Mug and Jennifer Moore Italy Pitcher thumbnail image
$35 for both Both hand painted R106 white pink foral pitcher $21 American 8" tall Rooster Hand Painted made in Italy for Starbucks $35 Canadia...
Ad Id:40435936
Posted:November 17, 2023
Vintage Glass Muddlers circa 1930s to 1950s thumbnail image
Cobalt Blue All 5 are in excellent shape Worth average $35 each Check out other items Thanks Dennis
Ad Id:40435913
Posted:November 17, 2023
Vintage Oak Children's Rocking Chair thumbnail image
Chair in excellent condition for age Flathead screw and condition makes this an old rocker Needs new seat Thanks
Ad Id:39479786
Posted:April 9, 2022
Vintage logging tools thumbnail image
13 1/2" log splitter (2) 9 1/2" tree splitter Thanks
Ad Id:39979723
Posted:March 12, 2023
Vintage side table thumbnail image
26" 3/4 × 19" 20" tall Well built
Ad Id:39745965
Posted:October 6, 2022
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