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All categories Victoria Area
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women's black work shoes thumbnail image
women's black shoes from SAS comfort size 6w. very comfortable still in good condition. i would like at least 10 dollars because these shoes were orig...
Ad Id:40119334
Posted:June 4, 2023
various books for sale thumbnail image
a lot of books for different ages. paperbacks most 5$ unless really short then 3$ and hardcovers 7$ illusion(hardcover missing book jacket), infern...
Ad Id:40565239
Posted:February 8, 2024
dvds thumbnail image
some dvds that i don't want anymore transformers(the first live action one with shia laboeuf) justice league crisis on two earths kung fu panda ch...
Ad Id:40709521
Posted:May 8, 2024
bedhead curling iron thumbnail image
curling iron with temperature adjustment dial. is more than ten years old but still works very good. was originally 20$ but will accept less than 10$
Ad Id:40507038
Posted:January 2, 2024
kids polar bear slippers thumbnail image
kid's polar bear slippers bought from indigo. never worn because obviously they don't fit me. says women's but i'm pretty sure a boy could wear them t...
Ad Id:40507047
Posted:January 2, 2024
small black and silver clutch purse thumbnail image
what it says in the title. could also be a very large wallet. zipper closure. no rips or anything fake leather because i bought it from ardene's a ver...
Ad Id:40506667
Posted:January 1, 2024
battery powered colour changing alarm clock thumbnail image
digital alarm clock. powered by three triple A batteries. lights up with colour-changing lights when the alarm is on and also has temperature display....
Ad Id:40701581
Posted:May 3, 2024
women's gray double breasted coat thumbnail image
gray winter coat from suzy shier. quite old but still in very good condition no holes or tears or anything. original retail $35 but will take less tha...
Ad Id:40096235
Posted:May 23, 2023
pink passport holder thumbnail image
passport holder from miniso. brand new not even opened i just didn't need it because i don't even have a passport. it came in a like goodie bag that w...
Ad Id:40583901
Posted:February 20, 2024
black long leather boots thumbnail image
almost knee high black boots with halfway up the leg zipper. size 6.5. will accept less than 10$ as they are a bit worn around the foot area and also ...
Ad Id:40623948
Posted:March 16, 2024
earrings thumbnail image
some pairs of earrings that i don't want any more. silver bar studs(not real diamonds as they were from urban planet) and dangly green bar ones that i...
Ad Id:40623946
Posted:March 16, 2024
CLASH: the first book in the Two Worlds Trilogy thumbnail image
my first published novel since it's not selling on my website or amazon. will accept 10$ if i must. also the summary on the back isn't all that accu...
Ad Id:40426762
Posted:November 12, 2023
women's black pleather jacket thumbnail image
large size leather jacket from urban planet. in pretty good condition except there is a rip in one of the pockets but it doesn't go all the way throug...
Ad Id:40362728
Posted:October 9, 2023
hocus pocus mug thumbnail image
hocus pocus mug from spencer's. microwave and dishwasher safe. very large so holds a lot of liquid at least 250ml probably more. will accept less than...
Ad Id:40519072
Posted:January 9, 2024
women's black blazer thumbnail image
blazer from "inwear" size small. wool/polyester and zipper closure. actually never worn because it doesn't fit me so in like new condition. would like...
Ad Id:40666335
Posted:April 11, 2024
david's tea halloween pouch thumbnail image
halloween pouch from david's tea. was originally used for tea but can be used for many other things such as pencil case, makeup bag, etc. pretty good ...
Ad Id:40519075
Posted:January 9, 2024
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