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stillEllen (21)
Vintage Blue and White Crockery - 7 pieces thumbnail image
5 pieces Authentic Vintage Kitchenware: *Dutch Delfts Bols ceramic bottle with cork 10”, for olive oil or vinegar infusions * vintage 12oz glass bo...
Ad Id:40015323
Posted:April 5, 2023
Beatrix Potter Nursery Set: BOOKENDS + 6 books thumbnail image
Adorable plaster bookends, 4" tall x 3.5" wide, with the Teddy Bear Family in the park. Very detailed, textured, colourful, and heavy, but these are c...
Ad Id:39947169
Posted:February 17, 2023
Nursery Wall Baby Animals thumbnail image
Unique hand-made quilted appliqué baby animals nursery wall hanging. Includes white wood dowel. 34” wide and 16.5” from top of the dowel to the bottom...
Ad Id:39944419
Posted:February 15, 2023
Max und Moritz BOOKS &  Kids branded Clothes thumbnail image
* Book: by Wilhelm Busch, in German language, 62 pages, Published by J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd.,Condition: WORN * Colouring Book: 8 x 11", B&W and Colour, ...
Ad Id:39948495
Posted:February 18, 2023
Macrame Wall Hanging Art thumbnail image
Vintage 1974 BOHO Chic, in pristine condition. One of a kind piece. 58” long x 26” wide dowel to dowel end (one knob missing). From smoke-free, pe...
Ad Id:39948431
Posted:February 18, 2023
Vintage 1960 TOY Baking Supplies - 21 pcs thumbnail image
60 year-old aluminum, steel, wood essentials for baking with mum and dad (or to collect): * muffin tin 5" * brownie pan 4" * tart pan 4" across * ...
Ad Id:39962230
Posted:February 28, 2023
Vintage 1998 Classic BABY GAP Jean Jacket & Tie-dye Tshirt thumbnail image
Original 1998 Baby GAP Jean Jacket size Small, age 4-6. 'Heavy' cotton tie dye Tshirt ages 6-8. These will last another 2 generations. Clean, from sm...
Ad Id:39963598
Posted:March 1, 2023
Vintage 1960 Dee and Cee 15” Girl Doll with Wardrobe & Tea Set thumbnail image
Dee and Cee manufactured these dolls in Toronto 1938-1962. Soft vinyl head which turns and hinged limbs. Rooted dark blond hair with 4” braids and s...
Ad Id:39967396
Posted:March 3, 2023
Vintage Seeds and Grains Kitchen Art thumbnail image
Hand-made in 1974 by an Ontario artisan. House assortment of beans, seeds, grains in 16 individual glass and oakwood "windows". Great teaching tool f...
Ad Id:40015971
Posted:April 5, 2023
Japanese Wall hanging/Table Decor thumbnail image
Navy Blue Cotton panel, bought in Japan in 2005. Both sides shown. 36" long x 14" wide. Raw edge. with Card: Sweep the floor and burn incense". 1290 T...
Ad Id:40017650
Posted:April 7, 2023
Vintage Porcelain Shot Glasses & Coasters thumbnail image
Vintage black and white ceramic, from Germany. 6 shot glasses and 4 matching coasters are in excellent condition- no chips or cracks, 2" tall / 4" ro...
Ad Id:40029359
Posted:April 14, 2023
2 Martini 2 Beer Glasses & 1 German Milk Jug thumbnail image
* 2 beautiful martini glasses with mid-stem detail * 2 Kölsch Beer Glasses from a Sunday market in Köln. Authentic SION local brewery traditional gla...
Ad Id:40134904
Posted:June 12, 2023
Antique Glass Serving TRAY, Hall MIRROR, Perfume Set thumbnail image
English 1920s-era wood and glass SERVING TRAY, 28” long x 17” frame, brass handles, pretty scallop edge. 18th C Lady MIRROR cherrywood frame, 21" x...
Ad Id:40084344
Posted:May 17, 2023
Aritizia SKIRT, Boho TOP + Earrings thumbnail image
* Pleated & lined Aritzia SKIRT, 35" long x 30" elastic waist. * Bohemian-lace overlay TOP, 27" long x 21" across at bust. Both are size Med-La...
Ad Id:40048534
Posted:April 26, 2023
MODRA Vintage POTTERY, 5 pieces from Slovakia thumbnail image
#1 FLASK ROUND 6” dia. x 8 “ tall flask, 4 feet, 2 handles #2 JUG Bud VASE, 7” tall 7” across. Handle blue and white with the Slovakia seal on botto...
Ad Id:40303295
Posted:September 6, 2023
Rare German SCHILDKROT 1950s  Fashion DOLL thumbnail image
Turtle mark doll number T-43. 16.5" body is celluloid plastic which was only used until 1960. Separate thumbs on each hand with fingernail impression...
Ad Id:40144885
Posted:June 17, 2023
Very Rare 1950's German BABY GIRL DOLL + Clothing thumbnail image
Vintage Schildkrot Turtle Mark Baby Girl with big blue sleepy closing eyes with lovely long dark lashes (left eye no longer closes all the way). red...
Ad Id:40144865
Posted:June 17, 2023
Max und Moritz Branded CLOTHES and German BOOKS, 1994 thumbnail image
* Book: by Wilhelm Busch, in German language, 62 pages, Published by J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd.,Condition: WORN * Colouring Book: 8 x 11", B&W and Colour, ...
Ad Id:40144982
Posted:June 17, 2023
HUGE Bag of SOFT STUFFIES &TOYS thumbnail image
* painted wood Basket with Baby Doll and bottle, magic wand, various dishes (not pictured) * 9 very soft very clean toys for Toddlers: extra-fluffy B...
Ad Id:40188429
Posted:July 9, 2023
LOT: Yoga pants, Jacket, Tops, Jeans, Gloves thumbnail image
Incredible deal: everything size Large - X Large. Whole wardrobe for one price.Green wind-proof Gortex hiking jacket. Size XL. Lots of pockets. YOG...
Ad Id:40326190
Posted:September 20, 2023
Lot: 26 pieces KITCHENWARE thumbnail image
White Porcelain in-microwave bacon & meat grill plate, 3 tall cereal keepers, 3 shorter dry foods keepers, 1 large measuring jug with lid, 3 snap...
Ad Id:40336761
Posted:September 25, 2023
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Ellen Dechesne