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majadiane (106)
Ladies Sock Gift Box - Carnaby Sock Company W1 thumbnail image
Size 5 - 9 US size. The funds will be donated through the Victoria Foundation to The Cridge Centre for the Family and the Victoria SPCA. We are ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40624370
Posted:March 16, 2024
30? drawer pulls thumbnail image
I am asking $45.00 for 30 drawer pulls. We are in South Oak Bay if you would like to see them. The funds will be donated between the Cridge Cent...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40673464
Posted:April 16, 2024
Royal York Bone China Cup and Saucer #9512 thumbnail image
This vintage cup and saucer belonged to my mother. It appears to be in very good condition. My mother was always careful to take good care of he...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39199970
Posted:October 4, 2021
Curling Iron thumbnail image
IThis afternoon I opened a bathroom drawer and found a curling iron that I have not used for years. I plugged it in and it works. Can anyone use...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36792948
Posted:November 13, 2020
Radio Shack Plug 'n Power Light/Control Timer thumbnail image
We have been using two kinds of timers for our lights - time to just do one kind, hence, selling the PLUG 'N Power. The electric timer could be use...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39122413
Posted:August 24, 2021
Vintage "Newey Hooks & Eyes" from England "World Famed" thumbnail image
I believe this is a collectable item from my childhood. The price sticker says 17 cents from Woolco. Two of the "eyes" have been removed. The ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37018744
Posted:January 15, 2021
Photo of a green snake on a black coloured board (price JUST reduced) thumbnail image
Our neighbors are moving to a smaller house and have given me some of their art to sell and the funds will be donated to Bridges for Women in Victoria...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:38928665
Posted:May 24, 2021
Four Vintage Fruit Plates from Bavaria, Germany thumbnail image
It is difficult to see the name of the company who made these plates. The plates belonged to my late mother and I believe the plates are in very goo...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39199920
Posted:October 4, 2021
Twelve Computer Cables thumbnail image
Our friends gave me thirteen computer cables to sell. I'm asking $2.00 for each cable and $5.00 for the grey and white ones that are tied together. ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36978657
Posted:January 2, 2021
Royal York Bone China Cup & Saucer #9512 thumbnail image
This numbered cup #9512 and saucer have been in my family for two generations. I believe it belonged to my grandmother who was born in Scotland. I...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36916172
Posted:December 12, 2020
Remotes thumbnail image
A friend gave me two remotes. I'm asking $3.00 each and the funds will be donated through the Victoria Foundation to The Children's Health Foundati...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37127352
Posted:February 18, 2021
Hand made cards thumbnail image
I have discontinued these new handmade greeting cards. I'm asking $3.00 each and the funds will be donated to Wild Arc in Victoria
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39510732
Posted:April 30, 2022
Tough Love +  The Dark thumbnail image
We are asking $3.00 for each book The books are in new condition. The funds will be donated to The Cridge Centre for the Family.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39186462
Posted:September 27, 2021
Stainless Steel Kitchen Whip thumbnail image
This sturdy kitchen whip is approximately 8 1/2 inches long (22 cm). A friend gave it to me to sell. It appears to be in unused condition, The...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39135864
Posted:August 31, 2021
Father Christmas Plate thumbnail image
This Father Christmas (Santa) plate has never been used. It measures about 8 inches across. The funds will be donated through the Victoria Found...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36907476
Posted:December 10, 2020
4 Collector fruit plates from Bavaria thumbnail image
These collector fruit plates are numbered and are from Bavaria, Germany. They are from the family farm in Saskatchewan. I don't think they have ev...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36907690
Posted:December 10, 2020
dog paws curling ribbon, (250 yards) thumbnail image
This is a new roll of dog paws curling ribbon. There are 250 yards on the roll. The funds will be donated through the Victoria Foundation to Bridges...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36584468
Posted:October 8, 2020
Imperial Tobacco Children of All Nations card thumbnail image
Children of All Nations, Series of 50. Card #39 Russia. The card says Issued by Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada. Limited. Printed in Engla...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:36962011
Posted:December 27, 2020
25 one inch bull dog clips thumbnail image
My husband has way too many one inch bull dog clips. The funds will be donated to the Children's Health Foundation..
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37114838
Posted:February 13, 2021
Metal frame for pet dishes thumbnail image
I'm cleaning cupboards and found this dog dish holder. I have no idea where the dishes went. It would take metal dishes with a lip so they can han...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37091861
Posted:February 6, 2021
Small Gold Evening Purse with two chains thumbnail image
I used this purse once on a cruise. It measures about 5 inches by 3 inches and has two chains. One chain is 44 inches long and the other is 15 inc...
Ad Id:38974460
Posted:June 9, 2021
Two half moon Ikebana containers made in Japan thumbnail image
These Ikebana containers can be used together or individually. I'm asking $35 for the two of them. Our Ikebana teacher ordered them from Japan f...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37034537
Posted:January 20, 2021
The Good German + Lazarus thumbnail image
We are asking $4.00 for each book and the funds will be donated to Wild Arc who help our local injured wild life.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39186443
Posted:September 27, 2021
Colourful  Change purse with tassle thumbnail image
This small 100% cotton change purse measures about 5 inches by 5 1/2 inches. and the strap is about 36 inches long. There is a small zippered secti...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:38993989
Posted:June 18, 2021
NEW Cheese Bag (keeps out the mold) thumbnail image
This new cheese bag will keep your cheese free of mold. The bag measures 5 1/2 inches by 13 inches. I believe it is cotton with a draw string. ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:38944539
Posted:May 29, 2021
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Oak Bay