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All categories Victoria Area
francinebastien (50)
Rocking chair thumbnail image
Vintage rocking, with needle point seat and back, light wood color frame all in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39377928
Posted:January 31, 2022
Rare sun hat thumbnail image
Rare gardening hat with a kangaroo picture on it as well as ten rows of sewing and hanging all around the hat. The hat is in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40466893
Posted:December 5, 2023
Wooden vase thumbnail image
Wooden vase with beautiful carving, the vase is in excellent condition, size: 30 inches tall.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40604837
Posted:March 4, 2024
Occasional chair thumbnail image
Occasional chair, in very good condition
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37034215
Posted:January 20, 2021
Occasional chair thumbnail image
Solid wood frame with carving, occasional chair with newly recovered seat, in good condition.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37130836
Posted:February 20, 2021
Welcome sign thumbnail image
Hanging, copper welcome sign measuring twelve inches wide. In excellent condition.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37249927
Posted:March 22, 2021
table lamp thumbnail image
Trilight ceramic lamp with wood base and oriental design , all in excellent condition. Size: 27 inches tall.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40747441
Posted:June 4, 2024
Ink drawing thumbnail image
Frame small 6.3 inches diameter, ink drawing, all in very good condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40505478
Posted:December 31, 2023
Small pitcher thumbnail image
Wedgwood made in England small pitcher with two pictures: The two Wallers and Mr. Richard. This small pitcher is 5 inches tall and is in very good co...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40601713
Posted:March 2, 2024
Wall plaque thumbnail image
Solid wood possibly mahogany carved of elephants all in excellent condition. Size: 28 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40551441
Posted:January 31, 2024
Rolling pin thumbnail image
Marble rolling pin with wooden handles it is in very good condition. Size: 18.5 inches long.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40701053
Posted:May 2, 2024
Round crib board thumbnail image
Round crib board with beautiful carving of flowering trees and birds in the center. Complete with the pegs. Size: 11 inches diameter.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40598647
Posted:February 29, 2024
Wine rack thumbnail image
Metal wine rack, will hold 6 bottles. Size: 17 inches across by 6 inches wide and 10 inches high. This rack in in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40338592
Posted:September 26, 2023
Wine rack thumbnail image
Metal wine rack, will hold four bottles, in excellent condition. Size: 17 inches across, by 6.5 inches by 10 inches high
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39369651
Posted:January 26, 2022
Flower vase thumbnail image
Older classic style in metal vase footed in great condition. Size:9.5" tall by 6.5" wide.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40596947
Posted:February 28, 2024
Pair of book end thumbnail image
Solid wood nicely carved pair of book end with figures of old men sitting, both in excellent condition, need a good home and some cleaning.
Ad Id:39123996
Posted:August 25, 2021
Silver plated basket thumbnail image
Silver plated bridal basket by Forbes Silver co. Hamilton Ontario, still has patina . In very good condition. Size: nine inches wide by eighteen inche...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35930403
Posted:June 14, 2020
Living room chair thumbnail image
Red velvet chair, over 100 years old, Victorian covered in wine red velvet fabric with brass wheels casters, in good comfortable condition for its 175...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40788645
Posted:July 1, 2024
vase thumbnail image
Signed decorative ceramic vase, in excellent condition. The vase is 8 inches tall.
Ad Id:39121752
Posted:August 24, 2021
Pedestal table thumbnail image
Small pedestal table with inlaid border and the center, can be folded or tilted for storage and show, all in very good condition. Size: 13.5 inches sq...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40741273
Posted:May 31, 2024
Dog picture frame thumbnail image
Unique dog picture frame, m picture frame made of aluminum in very good condition. Size: from the paw to the head 11" from nose to tail 12.5"
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40547014
Posted:January 28, 2024
Beveled mirror thumbnail image
4 sided beveled mirror 24' long by 18" high
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39956741
Posted:February 23, 2023
Fire place tools thumbnail image
Brass fire place tools, on very good condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39956735
Posted:February 23, 2023
Collectible sifter thumbnail image
Vintage , circa 1950 sifter, still in very good condition. Size: 5.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40593907
Posted:February 27, 2024
Unusual thermometer thumbnail image
Collectible, made by Norm Cook from Elrose Saskatchewan, inside thermometer with a display of interesting seed: Durum, canary, lentils and canola. Si...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40446144
Posted:November 23, 2023
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