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All categories Victoria Area
francinebastien (58)
large picture thumbnail image
Large framed print, in excellent condition. Size: 48" by 25"
Victoria Area
Ad Id:36973037
Posted:December 31, 2020
Botanical print thumbnail image
Hand coloured,framed triple mat plate print 1182 , dated October 4th 1728, title:" Lily cactus" In excellent condition. Size: 21" by 23" signed: L. W...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35389903
Posted:February 17, 2020
Vintage wooden box thumbnail image
Collectible small vintage wooden box, in excellent condition. Size: 11" by 10" by 7.5" high.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:36131527
Posted:July 23, 2020
1950's TV lamp thumbnail image
!950's television lamp, ceramic horse, the shade behind has two small cracks, other in good working condition. Size: 10 inches wide by 7.5 inches hig...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:35795950
Posted:May 17, 2020
Picture: Mario Lemieux thumbnail image
Double matted and frame hockey picture of Mario Lemieux,playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. In excellent condition. Sze: 16" by 20"
Victoria Area
Ad Id:31936520
Posted:June 27, 2018
Antique doll stroller thumbnail image
Collectible doll stroller, in very good condition with doll included . Size: 21 inches long by 12 inches wide and 27 inches high.
Ad Id:40470570
Posted:December 7, 2023
Side/ dining chair thumbnail image
Shield back chair with needle point seat, carved cabriole legs, in mahogany frame. Sturdy and in good condition.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39564965
Posted:June 5, 2022
Jewelry Cabinet thumbnail image
Mahogany jewelry cabinet with four drawers and the top that open with velvet section. In excellent condition, size: 16 inches across by 10 inches ...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40414203
Posted:November 5, 2023
Display cabinet thumbnail image
Small display cabinet with one shelve, in excellent condition. Size: 8.5 inches across by 5 inches wide and 14 inches high.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40468495
Posted:December 6, 2023
Rocking chair thumbnail image
Vintage rocking, with needle point seat and back, light wood color frame all in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39377928
Posted:January 31, 2022
Rare sun hat thumbnail image
Rare gardening hat with a kangaroo picture on it as well as ten rows of sewing and hanging all around the hat. The hat is in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40466893
Posted:December 5, 2023
Owl pitcher thumbnail image
Collectible owl pitcher it is ten inches tall and in very good condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40410812
Posted:November 3, 2023
Wall clock thumbnail image
Battery operated, large Bulova wall clock, in excellent condition. Size: 17 inches diameter.
Ad Id:40465014
Posted:December 4, 2023
Wooden stool thumbnail image
Solid wood stool, in very good condition. Size: 13 inches diameter and24 inches high.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40408226
Posted:November 2, 2023
Wooden match dispenser thumbnail image
H and crafted and sinned, wooden match dispenser made of juniper tree from Texada island. All in excellent condition with a sticker paper at the bot...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39558890
Posted:June 1, 2022
No image, showing placeholder.
Arm chair with fabric seat showing flowers, in good condition. I will try to get a picture soon.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40288523
Posted:August 29, 2023
Occasional chair thumbnail image
Occasional chair, in very good condition
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37034215
Posted:January 20, 2021
Occasional chair thumbnail image
Solid wood frame with carving, occasional chair with newly recovered seat, in good condition.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37130836
Posted:February 20, 2021
Welcome sign thumbnail image
Hanging, copper welcome sign measuring twelve inches wide. In excellent condition.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:37249927
Posted:March 22, 2021
Arm chair thumbnail image
Solid wood possibly oak, sturdy and in very good condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40457840
Posted:November 30, 2023
Wine rack thumbnail image
Metal wine rack, will hold 6 bottles. Size: 17 inches across by 6 inches wide and 10 inches high. This rack in in excellent condition.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40338592
Posted:September 26, 2023
Wine rack thumbnail image
Metal wine rack, will hold 8 bottles. In very good condition. Size:22 inches across,6 inches wide and 15 inches high.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40337215
Posted:September 25, 2023
Wall clock thumbnail image
Daniel Dakota, thirty one day hanging wall clock, with roman numbers , in excellent condition and working well. Size:28 inches long 10 inches wide.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:40395568
Posted:October 26, 2023
Poker dog pictures thumbnail image
Set of eight Windsor art product framed pictures, signed by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge .All in very good condition, size: 18" by14" in the wooden fra...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39956948
Posted:February 23, 2023
Wine rack thumbnail image
Metal wine rack, will hold four bottles, in excellent condition. Size: 17 inches across, by 6.5 inches by 10 inches high
Oak Bay
Ad Id:39369651
Posted:January 26, 2022
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