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canders864 (47)
The World of Pooh by A. A. Milne thumbnail image
Truly a children's classic. Two books in one: Winnie-the-Pooh and The House At Pooh Corner. Contains full-colour illustrations and pencil sketches ...
Ad Id:40554159
Posted:February 1, 2024
Nantucket Pewter Spoon thumbnail image
7 5/8" long (19.5 cm), 48 years old. Never used. Truly a collector's item. No smoking. No pets. No bargaining. Cash only.
Ad Id:40109172
Posted:May 30, 2023
ChargeCard Portable Charger and Power Bank thumbnail image
Carry in your wallet for emergency power for your cell phone. Brand: AquaVault. Model AV10, Silver. 2300mAh|3.85V|8.85Wh. Includes power cord, in...
Ad Id:40603018
Posted:March 3, 2024
Vintage 1990's Navy Blue Silk Suit 10P thumbnail image
Size: 10 Petite. Brand: Talbots. Never worn. Button Front. Straight jacket hem. Straight back with slight flair over hips. Straight skirt wit...
Ad Id:40284878
Posted:August 27, 2023
Vintage 1990's Navy Blue Sweater Dress & Jacket MP thumbnail image
Size: Medium Petite. Brand: Talbots. Machine washable 100% cotton. Never worn. 3/4 Sleeves 17" (43cm). Jacket back length 20" (51cm). Jacket b...
Ad Id:40284964
Posted:August 27, 2023
Vintage 1990's Royal Blue Coat Dress thumbnail image
Size: Unmarked, but probably 10. Brand: Barrie Pace Ltd. Fabric content: Unknown, but probably wool. Wrap around with great modesty shield. Sho...
Ad Id:40285112
Posted:August 28, 2023
8 Wooden Skirt/Pants Hangers thumbnail image
5 of one kind. 3 of another. Like new. No smoking. No pets. Cash only-no bargaining. You pick up at my place in James Bay near the Parliament Bu...
Ad Id:40597309
Posted:February 29, 2024
Talbots Short Straight Black Skirt 14 thumbnail image
Versatile and plain to go just about anywhere. Talbots brand and quality, fully lined. 87% wool, 9% nylon, 4% spandex. No waistband. Waist 94 cm. ...
Ad Id:39869983
Posted:December 25, 2022
At Gettysburg, or What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle, plus Canon thumbnail image
Original copyright 1888, reprinted 1994. From the Introduction: "Without question, among the most outstanding of these (eyewitness accounts) was the...
Ad Id:39871494
Posted:December 26, 2022
20 Heavy Duty White Plastic Hangers thumbnail image
Clean. Like new. All alike. No smoking. No pets. Cash only-no bargaining. You pick up from my place in James Bay near the Parliament Building.
Ad Id:40595586
Posted:February 27, 2024
Antique Parlor Lamp thumbnail image
This parlor lamp is old, but I can't guarantee the age. I'm guessing that it is about 100 years old. It looks like it might have been converted fro...
Ad Id:35099299
Posted:December 15, 2019
Black and White Seersucker Dress thumbnail image
Pullover with shoulder button closure. One small breast pocket. Sleeve length 8" (20cm). Bust 38" (96cm). Back neck to hem 50.5" (128cm). Two s...
Ad Id:40272491
Posted:August 20, 2023
Pedal Pusher Length Talbots "Skimmers"  14P thumbnail image
$35 each or $60 for both. Brand new, never worn. Size 14 Petite. Talbot's brand, signature line. 98% crisp cotton, 2% spandex. Two back pockets, ...
Ad Id:40273225
Posted:August 21, 2023
Reusable Hard Plastic Dinnerware Set for Four thumbnail image
Four each plates, bowls, drinking glasses. Plates 9.5" in diameter. Bowls 6.25". Glasses 16oz. 100% recycled plastic. BPA free. Dishwasher safe....
Ad Id:40411801
Posted:November 4, 2023
Canada A National History thumbnail image
This book "integrates social experiences with a balanced coverage of Canadian History from pre-contact to the present." 567 pages with bibliographica...
Ad Id:40440203
Posted:November 20, 2023
History of the Canadian Peoples Volumes I and II thumbnail image
Very good to excellent condition. Volume I: Beginnings to 1867 (631 pages). Volume II: 1867 to the Present (631 pages). First edition printed in ...
Ad Id:40440557
Posted:November 20, 2023
Disney's Pollyanna Doll thumbnail image
Walt Disney version of Pollyanna doll. 29" tall. Original outfit, sox and shoes. New hair ribbon and spats. Missing original straw hat. No pets, ...
Ad Id:39652477
Posted:August 5, 2022
Amish Doll thumbnail image
The Amish people do not put faces on their dolls as they believe that is a graven image. They also dress in plain neutral colors. This doll was purc...
Ad Id:39766340
Posted:October 19, 2022
Medium Blue 100% Cotton Fabric thumbnail image
Weave is royal blue and white. Color Pantone 657. 98" x 64" or 2.49 m x 64" Good for dress or shirt. No smoking. No pets. No bargaining. Ca...
Ad Id:39799676
Posted:November 9, 2022
Dark Blue All Season Wool Fabric thumbnail image
This is a gorgeous piece that could be made into a dress, suit or slacks. 90" x 56" or 2.28m x 56". Also includes lining 110" x 46" or 2.79m x 46". ...
Ad Id:39801608
Posted:November 11, 2022
Heathered Yale Blue 100% Wool Fabric thumbnail image
This is a beautiful piece that could be made into a suit or slacks. 90" x 60" or 2.29m x 60". Has a lightly fuzzy finish. No smoking. No pets. No ba...
Ad Id:39801628
Posted:November 11, 2022
Elegant Evening Bag thumbnail image
Black fabric evening bag. 8" x 6.75" x 3". Has one pocket and attached mirror inside. Closure is a heavy magnetic snap. Can convert to shoulder ba...
Ad Id:39803582
Posted:November 12, 2022
Patti Playpal circa 1959 thumbnail image
Other names are Companion Doll and Three Year Old Doll. 35" tall. Stands by herself. (Is NOT wired to walk.) Eyes close when laid down. "Ideal 35...
Ad Id:39808595
Posted:November 14, 2022
Gorgeous Green Plaid Woolen Fabric 3.33m x 60" thumbnail image
This is my all-time favorite piece of fabric, but I just cannot get a good picture of it. It is NOT as bright as these photos. The colours are much ...
Ad Id:39840388
Posted:December 4, 2022
Qiviuk Cabin Woman Cardigan thumbnail image
Classic Qiviuk design made from Canadian muskox, fine merino wool and silk. This was purchased in the Banff Qiviuk store in 2007 and the design is st...
Ad Id:39852968
Posted:December 11, 2022
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