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alloymusic (112)
Furman LC-3A Rack Mount Limiter/Compressor thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice Furman rack compressor. This is a great unit for either the studio or live sound. Has both 1/4" and XLR inputs. Also has a side-...
Ad Id:40674966
Posted:April 17, 2024
Miscellaneous Guitar Pickups thumbnail image
Up for sale are a bunch of miscellaneous guitar pickups. Humbuckers, single coils, alnico, ceramic. Fender American Vintage 56 single coils 5.9...
Ad Id:40194199
Posted:July 12, 2023
2019 Epiphone DC-Pro Electric Guitar thumbnail image
For sale is an excellent Epiphone DC-Pro. These are awesome guitars that are a double-cut take on the classic Les Paul. Features coil-split on each pi...
Ad Id:40621450
Posted:March 15, 2024
Vintage Traynor YSR-1 Custom Reverb Guitar Amplifier Made In Canada thumbnail image
Selling an awesome vintage Traynor YSR-1 Custom Reverb amplifier head. Made in Canada in the 1970s, these are awesome sounding amps. Super well built,...
Ad Id:40621433
Posted:March 14, 2024
Fender FM212 DSP 2x12" 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier W/Footswitch thumbnail image
For sale is a cool Fender guitar amplifier. Features 16 different amp types as well as built-in effects. These are nice sounding amps that get quite l...
Ad Id:40619685
Posted:March 14, 2024
Digitech Rack Effects thumbnail image
Up for sale are a few Digitech rack-effect units. They have all been tested and work great. Add a ton of flexibility and great sounds to your home stu...
Ad Id:40305415
Posted:September 8, 2023
Vintage Suzuki 536S Classical Guitar Made In Japan thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice vintage Suzuki acoustic guitar. Made in Japan in the 1970s-1980s, these are nice sounding and playing instruments featuring soli...
Ad Id:40422030
Posted:November 9, 2023
Behringer V-Verb Pro REV2496 Rack-Mount Reverb thumbnail image
Up for sale is a cool Behringer rackmount reverb. This is a nice sounding unit that has tons of different types of reverb types and parameters. Also h...
Ad Id:40619621
Posted:March 13, 2024
Zoom R16 Digital Multitrack Record/USB Interface thumbnail image
For sale is an awesome ZOOM USB interface/multitrack recorder. This is an awesome recording device that has 8 inputs and tons of built-in features. Us...
Ad Id:40619633
Posted:March 14, 2024
Avant Garde 2x12 Guitar Cabinet (Loaded With Celestion G12T 100s) thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice vintage Avant Garde speaker cabinet. Made in the USA initially for an organ, this cabinet has had its speakers upgraded to Celes...
Ad Id:40670186
Posted:April 14, 2024
Avant Garde 2x12 Speaker Cabinet (Loaded With Yamaha S12ME Speakers) thumbnail image
Selling a nice vintage, made in the USA speaker cabinet. Originally designed for organs, this cabinet has had its speakers swapped out to a pair of Ya...
Ad Id:40670168
Posted:April 14, 2024
Chorus Pedal Made In Japan thumbnail image
For sale is a nice vintage green-label Japanese boss chorus pedal. These are great sounding stereo analog chorus pedals. Good working condition. F...
Ad Id:40669872
Posted:April 13, 2024
Samson SR-22 VHF Wireless System thumbnail image
Selling a cool Samson wireless unit. Comes with the transmitter, receiver, and power supply. This is a solid unit that works great and has a pretty go...
Ad Id:40521124
Posted:January 10, 2024
Hartke 410 Bass XL Transient Attack Cabinet thumbnail image
For sale is a solid Hartke 4x10 bass cabinet. This is a good sounding cabinet with aluminum cone speakers. It is in good overall condition with just a...
Ad Id:40521011
Posted:January 10, 2024
Altec Lansing 1407A Mono Power Amplifier thumbnail image
For sale is a cool Altec Lansing power amplifier. This is a good quality rack-mountable mono amp. It can produce up to 75 watts @ 8ohms. It is in good...
Ad Id:40521185
Posted:January 11, 2024
Tascam 2488 Portastudio thumbnail image
Selling a Tascam 2488 Portastudio. This is a great, all-in-one recording studio. It has tons of features as well as a built-in hard drive and CD-RW dr...
Ad Id:40668434
Posted:April 13, 2024
Vintage Samick KR Series Electric Guitar thumbnail image
Up for sale is a cool vintage Samick electric guitar. I can't seem to find the exact model but it seems to be the same as a KR-570 with a different pi...
Ad Id:40420301
Posted:November 8, 2023
Electro-Voice SH-1502ER PA Speakers thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice set of vintage Electro-Voice PA speakers. Features 15" woofers and horn tweeters. Rated for 200 watts each at 8 ohms. Made in US...
Ad Id:40668258
Posted:April 12, 2024
Peavey Basic 50 Bass Combo Amplifier thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice vintage, made in USA Peavey bass amplifier. Rated at 50 watts RMS this is a great, sturdy 1x12" bass amp. It is in good over...
Ad Id:40666561
Posted:April 11, 2024
Crate TB10 Bass Amplifier thumbnail image
For sale is a cool little Crate bass amplifier. Great for practicing, this is a nice sounding amplifier with a built in headphone output and compresso...
Ad Id:40416545
Posted:November 7, 2023
REDUCED!! Vintage Peavey Rage 108 Guitar Amplifier Made in USA thumbnail image
For sale is a nice vintage Peavey combo amplifier. Made in the USA in the 80s, it can get some pretty cool tones and would be an affordable alternativ...
Ad Id:40017599
Posted:April 6, 2023
Peavey 115BX BW Bass Cabinet Made In USA thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice Peavey 15BX BW 4 ohm bass cabinet. Features a heavy duty Peavey Black Widow Speaker rated for up to 700 watts. Handcrafted in th...
Ad Id:40665039
Posted:April 10, 2024
Early 1900s (1917-1922) Washburn Mandolin Model 1915 W/Hard Shell Case thumbnail image
Up for sale is an awesome vintage Washburn mandolin. This is an excellent sounding and playing mandolin with tons of character. It features a Brazilia...
Ad Id:40663482
Posted:April 10, 2024
Renaissance Acoustic/Electric Guitar thumbnail image
Up for sale is a nice Renaissance acoustic/electric guitar. This model is an RG7575EQTRS and features a built-in pickup system as well as a cut-away. ...
Ad Id:40663440
Posted:April 9, 2024
Peavey Max 115 Bass Amplifier thumbnail image
For sale is a nice Peavey Max 115 bass amplifier. Featuring 300 watts of power and a 15" speaker, this is a great sounding bass amplifier. It is in go...
Ad Id:40468802
Posted:December 6, 2023
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