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All categories Victoria Area
Sunshine75 (10)
AMTROL ST-5 Thermal Expansion Tank thumbnail image
*Inline thermal expansion tank *Accepts expanded water caused by thermal expansion *Returns water to the system when hot water is used *Prevents dr...
Ad Id:40145360
Posted:June 18, 2023
Breville Oracle Touch,  Expresso Machine thumbnail image
Brand New in Box. Never Used. There is a 5 1/2 month warranty on it. Semi Automatic Breville Oracle Touch Model: BES990BSS1BCA1 https://www.b...
Ad Id:40325078
Posted:September 19, 2023
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BBSHD thumbnail image
Modified rocky mountain thunderbolt medium frame Wheels 27.5 inches Went from 120 rear travel to 150 and added a 160 Pike up front. Converted to e...
Ad Id:39941167
Posted:February 12, 2023
Biedermeier Mahogany Armoire thumbnail image
This belonged to my grandfather in Germany and is over 100 years old. Has Rosewood Inlay Unfortunately it has been moved a lot in it's life time, an...
Ad Id:39601838
Posted:July 1, 2022
8 Tenmat FF130-E Draft Stop Covers for Recessed Lighting thumbnail image
Description: Thermally tested according to UL 1598 for usage with IC and Non-IC rated lights Saves energy by eliminating draft through your recess...
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Ad Id:39419208
Posted:February 28, 2022
4 Bedroom & 2.5 Bathroom thumbnail image
If this add is up, It Is Available. Available for Nov 1st or earlier. This beautiful, executive home has been meticulously maintained, and is id...
Ad Id:40202458
Posted:July 17, 2023
Womens Juniper Marin Bike thumbnail image
I have had it in storage for the last few years, and sadly don't see myself using it in the near future. Is a small 15 inch frame and 27.5 inch wheel....
Ad Id:39907282
Posted:January 20, 2023
Rosenthal "Shadow Rose" thumbnail image
Description This set of dishes belonged to my grandmother ( from Europe ) and it has been sitting in storage for awhile now. It is time to pass it on...
Ad Id:39601856
Posted:July 1, 2022
Oriental Women thumbnail image
Oriental Women by Anthony Sinkledam. I have a collection of of 8 oil paintings from an accomplished dutch Canadian artist Anthony Sinkeldam. His work ...
Ad Id:37012356
Posted:January 13, 2021
Daisies in Vase with Wine  by Anthony Sinkledam thumbnail image
I have a collection of of 8 oil paintings from an accomplished dutch Canadian artist Anthony Sinkeldam. His work currently goes for about 600-1000 (U...
Ad Id:36915587
Posted:December 12, 2020
Sunshine75 profile image
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House Cleaner, I am a detailed cleaner. I clean bathroom counters, kitchen surfaces, vacuum and mop. I charge $40 an hour & have a 2 hour minimum. I only clean in the West Shore location ,Thetis Heights, Treanor, & Bear Mountain area (not View Royal ... out of my location). If there are any other requests you would like done, I am happy to accommodate. Do have references available upon request.