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SunRiseTraining (1)
Central Saanich
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Posted:May 22, 2022
SunRise Training
A locally owned, university student led business offering outdoor bootcamp style personal training and training plans for both strength and fitness, personalized to your goals. Do you want to get fit? Build muscle? Lose weight? Learn new exercises? Or just improve your overall health? SunRise Training can help you achieve your goals with dynamic training sessions and plans personalized to your abilities and goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey, or an experienced athlete, SunRise Training can help you. With many options available, competitive pricing, and flexible scheduling, why not give us a try? What makes us different? While most trainers work out of gyms, we use the beautiful outdoors as our training ground, creating bootcamp style workouts right outside. Our standard workouts combine both strength and cardio, utilizing a large variety of exercises and training methods blended together to create dynamic and well-rounded training sessions. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! Our trainers will help you out every step of the way, our goal is not just to train you, but to teach you as-well! Our programs: - 1-time session: $50 (+ $10 for each additional person) - Standard program: $80-$100/week (includes 2 sessions + weekly training plan) - Standard half-program: $60-$70/week (includes 1 session + weekly training plan) - Online training plan: $25/week - Group session: $100 - House-call: +$10-$20 (per session in addition to regular cost) - Single session plans: 1- $15, 3- $35, 5- $47.50 - Other programs or options may be available upon request! Email us for further enquiries! *All sessions approximately 1 hour in length and held at Centennial Park (7526 Wallace Dr, Saanichton), apart from house-calls.