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Ss Somers (8)
Vintage Wrapping Paper, Etc. thumbnail image
An interesting collection of vintage wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tape, a paper table cloth, a gift box, and maybe some other stuff, I can't remembe...
Ad Id:39644676
Posted:July 31, 2022
Vintage Golf Clubs thumbnail image
I'm not sure how old these are, but they're really old. In relatively ok shape, but a good cleaning will probably do wonders. "Wilson" Professional ...
Ad Id:40215348
Posted:July 22, 2023
His and Hers Vintage Golf Clubs thumbnail image
Sold together or separately, $75.00 ea. "Wilson" Professional and "Spalding" clubs. The Wilson set has 11 clubs and over 2 dozen balls. In moss gre...
Ad Id:40215375
Posted:July 22, 2023
Vintage Ladies Golf Club Set thumbnail image
"Spalding" left hand clubs. In good condition, with 6 clubs, about 6-7 balls, and a cover for when not in use. Teal green and white colours.
Ad Id:40215383
Posted:July 22, 2023
Clean Packing Paper thumbnail image
Moving? I have clean, flattened, folded and tied up ready to go packing paper. 2 packs currently. Much better than using newspaper. $3.00 per pack...
Ad Id:40602090
Posted:March 3, 2024
Glass Flacks thumbnail image
8 glass flacks. Use them for many different things, like making kombucha (tea), or for storing olive oil, bath oil. I'm sure you'll think of lots of...
Ad Id:40003797
Posted:March 28, 2023
Assorted Make-Up Bags thumbnail image
Lots and lots of make-up bags. Most of them new, some are used, but in good condition. Some of them can even be used as an evening bag. All of them...
Ad Id:39684675
Posted:August 28, 2022
Wooden Swivel Desk Chair thumbnail image
I'm not sure if this is an antique, but it is very old. Solid wood and heavy. In excellent condition. 301/2"/77.5cm high, legs width 18 1/2"/47cm, ...
Ad Id:40093367
Posted:May 22, 2023
Ss Somers
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Ss Somers