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All categories Victoria Area
Phil-Victoria (24)
Cheap - Family Burial plots at Hatley Memorial gardens thumbnail image
Hatley Memorial Park For sale here, are three in-ground burial plots at Hatley Memorial Park . each burial plot also has space for 4x urns. If...
Ad Id:40376354
Posted:October 16, 2023
Hitch / drawbar and ball thumbnail image
Like new - price is for both parts together. Overall length is 15 “
Ad Id:40681550
Posted:April 20, 2024
Coffin - like a casket, but curved thumbnail image
This is the fourth coffin I have made in Sidney. The coffins were made to give families the option of buying locally. All in all, it’s a much better...
Ad Id:40726455
Posted:May 21, 2024
Interchangeable knitting needle set thumbnail image
Compatible with Knitters Pride and Lykke cords, I am selling these because we don’t need 3 sets of interchangeable needles! There are 7 pairs of...
Ad Id:40485584
Posted:December 17, 2023
LP gas hose for any gas cylinder or barbeque - bargain thumbnail image
This is a long LP gas hose, coiled up and ready to use. It comes with fittings. It's about 50 feet long, giving you a good distance between your g...
Ad Id:40725560
Posted:May 20, 2024
Gas pipe fittings thumbnail image
This bundle has elbows, T’s , reducers, couplers, valves, brackets, blanks - and other fittings as well. They are all here; a big collection of them. ...
Ad Id:39896691
Posted:January 13, 2023
underground 3& 4 inch fittings thumbnail image
Excess inventory of 4 inch fittings - many common types including plastic-iron sleeve. I'm selling all the fittings in the photo for $40 - job lot.
Ad Id:39857180
Posted:December 14, 2022
BNIB LED track lights x9, plus the track HALO 808 thumbnail image
These are brand new commercial standard lighting - made to last. Excellent illumination. If you want lighting like this, it’s well worth looking a...
Ad Id:39864783
Posted:December 20, 2022
Coil nails - 8x boxes thumbnail image
Finish your project for less, with These nails, $50 per box. Stored indoors BNIB - a fraction of the new price
Ad Id:39894502
Posted:January 12, 2023
cheap wheelbarrow compressor chassis  with 10 gallon cylinders thumbnail image
heavy duty, easy to move around, three outlet supplies, sturdy build. Suitable chassis for an electric - or a gasoline pump. excellent p...
Ad Id:40025927
Posted:April 12, 2023
Roof anchors - Reduced price, NEW and unused - cheap thumbnail image
I have three Roof anchors - that have never been used. Top quality engineering, and certified by the manufacturer. Roof anchors are used as an anch...
Ad Id:39972627
Posted:March 7, 2023
$50 ergonomic, solid, patina, carved, genuine antique with some known history thumbnail image
This delightful old chair belonged to my dear old friend (102 years old, this year, and recently passed) Her daughter had an antique shop, and su...
Ad Id:40010344
Posted:April 2, 2023
bargain Hilti Screw Anchors.  very cheap thumbnail image
Made by Hilti 5/8 inch x 6.5 inches Selling in sets of 5 Screw Anchors for $25 Check the store prices for these Screw Anchors, you'll be surpri...
Ad Id:40099369
Posted:May 25, 2023
Gas fittings, cheap, new, almost free thumbnail image
Loads of common size brand new gas pipe fittings - elbows, reducers, valves, T’s, etc etc etc - way too many to list. They are left over from commerc...
Ad Id:40028067
Posted:April 13, 2023
Bargain Laminate for countertop, cheap cost, blue, white, grey thumbnail image
8 x4 sheets of brand new Laminate in colours: black, white, grey and blue. This is over-ordered material from a Commercial job, which is getting mo...
Ad Id:40041399
Posted:April 22, 2023
Top quality silicone - very cheap thumbnail image
left over from a large commercial job. 100% silicone - better than average, for way less money. I just want my shelf space back, so take it for $...
Ad Id:40124223
Posted:June 7, 2023
cheap 5/8 inch x 2.5 inch nuts and bolts - lot of 28 thumbnail image
Very strong nuts and bolts, 2 1/2 inches x 5/8 inch - as shown. located in Sidney
Ad Id:40130710
Posted:June 10, 2023
New Aluminum flashing - cheap bargain bundle thumbnail image
All the flashing on this rack for $400. It's all brand new, stored inside, and in new condition - exactly as you would buy it, but dirt cheap. ...
Ad Id:40286514
Posted:August 28, 2023
Electrical BPS 1 amp Power Supply, NEW for electronic alarm systems. thumbnail image
Electricians and alarm installers! $75 · BPS 1 amp Power Supply, new power supply for electronic alarm systems. These are excess-purchase items fro...
Ad Id:40334526
Posted:September 24, 2023
Cable and Rope anchor  Brand new and cheap thumbnail image
In 'as new' condition, these anchor posts are intended to attach cables and rope to. They are immensely strong, and will also serve as a fall-break. ...
Ad Id:40362665
Posted:October 9, 2023
Reduced bargain - Sliding door & window thumbnail image
Last Summer, this was a $3000 sliding door. Prices have increased since then. Save big bucks with this brand new Milgard sliding door (Tuscany mod...
Ad Id:40528037
Posted:January 15, 2024
Robust trailer and tent - make an offer thumbnail image
Hook up and go. PLENTY of storage in the trailer, with added side boxes, and access door to the box section. In very good condition, this is a tou...
Ad Id:40475345
Posted:December 10, 2023
Coffin - like a casket, but curved thumbnail image
A new and unused full-size coffin made in my wood shop in Sidney. Simple and elegant, this coffin is curved at the shoulders. The interior is o...
Ad Id:40505137
Posted:December 31, 2023
New and unused Coffin, see the CBC Vancouver news for the background video thumbnail image
Here is the link to the recent CBC video about my coffin story.:
Ad Id:40534319
Posted:January 19, 2024
Phil-Victoria profile image
… always looking for a fair, and very often, an 'outside the box' solution :-)