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Posted:August 12, 2022
Victoria Area
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Posted:May 20, 2022
Tony TALKnet Life Coach
Victoria Area
"Awakened" means coming into a new understanding about life and reality that was not there before the awakening. There are thousands of awakened people across the planet at this time of global change, whom are here to help you in these challenging time. "Awakened" is a high level of wisdom and understanding about all aspects of life and what we call death, as well as dealing with the big ones: Fear, addiction, depression, relationships, life-implosions and love. I'm offering life-changing insight to seemingly unsolvable problems and/or challenging life experiences. See the link to my free - (no email required) life coach series, below. Life can get challenging at time. It's speaking to us and directing us to make changes. "What do you want"; have you asked or are you on an aimless journey? Have you chosen a path in life: Money, power, religion, spirituality, wisdom, passion, inner truth...? Is fear, anxiety,depression holding you back? It’s incredible that the most important information for living our best life is never taught in school. Most people know nothing about finding peace, inner harmony and happiness. Many get stuck in a fear-based beliefs and reflective lifestyles, repeating the same life-lessons, patterns, fears and depression over and over again. We fear the unknown, which holds us back from our highest potentials. My fee is only $15 for 30 min. It's an introductory, "get to know me" price because I know word of mouth will help me get busy helping people in our community to navigate through these harsh transitory times. Let me help you put life's challenges into a new perspective and help you find your true path in life. You can gain some free insight with this short life-coach series. WATCH: LIFE COACH SERIES, FREE Scroll past the membership options on Patreon and listen for free: (copy/paste the link)[tag]=Life%20Coach Email me (Tony) to set up an appointment. We can talk online via Zoom or on the phone. I take Paypal and email transfer for payment. Thanks.