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All categories Victoria Area
Hub City Tires (152)
New: 235/75R15" TIRES thumbnail image
Fresh load of 235/75R15", 109s XL Radials, all terrain, a/w, [mountain and snow flake] 80,000 km factory warranty, they are yours @ 640 bucks a set, ...
Ad Id:27119937
Posted:March 29, 2016
Blow OUT sale   17/18" SINGLES thumbnail image
Good used and new takeoffs. SINGLES ONLY 17" and 18", in stock tires only . Clearance priced @ 125 bucks each. Mounts and balances available on sit...
Ad Id:26983280
Posted:March 2, 2016
this weeks blow out stock thumbnail image
Mounts n balances available onsite. Cash, E Transfers, debit cards, credit cards, we will even look at Trades. Tues-Fri 10am to 7pm, Sat. 10-4 265...
Ad Id:38905154
Posted:May 17, 2021
New 195/70R14" thumbnail image
Brand new, All Weather Radials. from 125 bucks each. plus Mounting, Balancing and taxs extra. Sold Out, we can get more. Pre Paid order, 3 day turn ar...
Ad Id:32816018
Posted:January 9, 2019
Sets: Brand New 225/60R16' all season, m n s tires thumbnail image
Brand New 225/60R16 radials, 620. Pre Paid orders only, 3 day turn around. mounts and balances available onsite. many other sizes available in ne...
Ad Id:23746693
Posted:December 30, 2014
This weeks new stock thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available onsite. Cash, E Transfers, debit Cards, Credit Cards and we will look at Trades as well. 185/55R15 Goodyear integrity...
Ad Id:38905074
Posted:May 17, 2021
Good used tires/awesome warranty thumbnail image
16" Pairs and sets starting at 150 per pair Mounts and balances available on site. 90 day warranty against defects and road hazard too. 745 vanal...
Ad Id:36507123
Posted:September 21, 2020
todays list of fresh used tires thumbnail image
mounts and balances available onsite. tues-fri 10am to 7 pm sat 10-4 first come, first served many other sizes available 235/45R20 pirelli scorpi...
Ad Id:39864463
Posted:December 19, 2022
205/60R14"tIRES thumbnail image
All season radials, 205/60R14", new, old stock, from 125 bucks each. Mounts and balances available on site. And, with mounts, we will do FREE steerin...
Ad Id:18870268
Posted:January 9, 2013
New 175/70R13" All Season M&S Tires thumbnail image
Brand new 175/70R13" All season M&S Tires on sale @ 440 a set, [Tax's extra] Get em while you can, limited quantities. Sold out, but, we can get more....
Ad Id:35451001
Posted:February 28, 2020
new 875r16.5 tires thumbnail image
10 ply, [load range E] from, 339.09 each. pre paid order, 3 day turn around. Mounts and balances available on site. we have some good used pairs as ...
Ad Id:39559012
Posted:June 1, 2022
New 235/75R15" A/S or winter Radials thumbnail image
Whats left of our order, New 235/75R15" All Season or winter Radials. When they are gone, they are gone. from 600 a set. Taxs extra. Sold out, again. ...
Ad Id:35449237
Posted:February 27, 2020
Would you be interested in this type of Tires? thumbnail image
Off road tires and on-off road. Pre paid orders, usually 3 day, but some product, up to 14 day turnaround, until we get our logisits fine tuned. Avail...
Ad Id:35519076
Posted:March 10, 2020
New 175/70R13" All Season M&S Tires thumbnail image
Brand new 175/70R13" All season M&S Tires on sale @ from 400 a set. [Tax's extra] Get em while you can, limited quantities. Mounts and balances avail...
Ad Id:35851898
Posted:May 30, 2020
nitto grapplers thumbnail image
Nitto Grapplers, fresh load in the warehouse. Pre paid orders, 3 day turn around. N217-020 - 35x12.50R17LT E 121Q RDG 34.8 35125017 N217-030 - 37x...
Ad Id:37149363
Posted:February 25, 2021
brand new 195/65R15" A/STires thumbnail image
Brand new: 195/65R15 All season tires Clearance Priced @ 600 a set.[Cash and Carry, plus taxs] . Mounts and balances available on site.. Limited quant...
Ad Id:36507158
Posted:September 21, 2020
One: Yokie 245/30R19 thumbnail image
One: Yokie, 250 on your wheel and balanced. Many other sizes available in New as well as good used tires.
Ad Id:31063909
Posted:December 15, 2017
New Tire clearance sale thumbnail image
Brand new tires. Clearance prices Mounts and Balances available on site. Tues-Fri 10am-7pm, sat 10-4 First come, first served. we accept, Cash, E T...
Ad Id:40269417
Posted:August 18, 2023
TIRES and Auto Repairs thumbnail image
We want to be your tire and full automotive shop. Visit us today and save on tires, wheels and auto repairs. Better Business Bureau Accredited
Ad Id:36452267
Posted:September 10, 2020
tires/tirebuster/mechanic thumbnail image
wanted experienced tire buster and part time mechanic. will become full time. opportunity in the near future, apply now, please include resume. also, ...
Ad Id:39108008
Posted:August 17, 2021
60 gallon shop compressor thumbnail image
60 gallon, upright tank shop compressor. rebuilt pump, new American made motor. 220 single phase. Ready to go. also, parts. tanks, pumps and motors....
Ad Id:36783212
Posted:November 10, 2020
185/60R15" Load range C thumbnail image
Some hard to get good used tires. 185/60R 15" 6 ply. We have a few sets. 400 a set, on your wheels and balanced. sold Also, New, non 6 ply, availab...
Ad Id:35421961
Posted:February 22, 2020
fresh off the truck used tires thumbnail image
Mounts and balances available on site. Tues-Fri 10AM-7PM, Sat 10-4 First come, first served. 745 Vanalman Ave. 778-440-TIRE Many other sizes avai...
Ad Id:39855801
Posted:December 13, 2022
Odds N Sods Blow Out Sale thumbnail image
All tires are brand new. While quantities last. 2- 195/75R14" Kumho Solus 99 ea. 8- 275/60R15" Kumho STX list@ 281 ea 400 pr 0- 20...
Ad Id:27753675
Posted:June 27, 2016
New and good used tires thumbnail image
If you call us you can check our inventory and supply, pre pay with Cash, and ETransfer, and we will call you, within 3 days, for a one on one instal...
Ad Id:38857205
Posted:May 5, 2021
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