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Weekly garage sale maps!

Every Friday this summer, will create maps of the weekend’s garage sales! Maps will be posted Fridays by noon so you can plan your route to the loot!

For the sellers

To get on the map, post an ad on UsedVictoria by noon, the Thursday before your sale. Be sure to include the address, date, and time of your garage sale. Your ad id will be on the maps so it is a good idea to have a description of what kind of items you’ll have for sale to entice the garage salers to come check it out!

Top tips

A few things to keep in mind when planning your garage sale.


Is your goal to make money or declutter? Keep this in mind when pricing your items and expect to haggle.


The busiest times are between 8-11 am. Consider price reductions in the afternoon.


Post clear signs around your neighbourhood, directing traffic to your sale!


Make sure you have plenty of small bills and coins in your float so you’re able to make change for your customers.

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