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UsedfulNews: Sponsored content in Victoria, BC

The story of Spinnakers Brewpub

How UsedVictoria helped Canada's first brewpub

When Paul Hadfield opened the doors of Spinnakers Brewpub for the first time in 1984, he had the simple intention of providing Victoria with craft beer in a comfortable and authentic setting. Many Victorians will agree that Hadfield has both met and exceeded his objective. For 35 years, Spinnakers has grown to become an iconic Victoria brewpub. 


On November 23rd, 2016 or as Hadfield calls it “Black Thursday,” Spinnakers was devastated by a fire that spread throughout the main floor of the West Victoria building. 


After the fire, much of the furniture was damaged and replacing it would be no easy feat. Hadfield explained that Spinnakers did not want “factory produced, stamped out, cookie cutter furnishings – we wanted authentic stuff.” 


To source their replacement furnishings, Hadfield turned to Used.ca where he connected with local sellers who had furnishings that would suit the “community living room” atmosphere of the brewpub. Some Used sellers donated their items when they found out where their old belongings would be going. 


Learn more as Paul shares the incredible story of Spinnakers’ recovery and restoration.