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This service helps savvy house-hunters find forever homes!

There’s a new way to buy a house in Victoria. Save time, save money, and find a home that matches all your “must-haves!”

Experienced real estate agent Anthony Wick has launched a new system designed specifically for home buyers – MyBuy Real Estate – that serves technologically sophisticated, independent, knowledgeable buyers.

“Homebuyers have been underserved for decades. Most real estate agents are focused on their listings, so if you don’t have a home to sell you won’t necessarily get the support you deserve,” Anthony says. And with new rules requiring buyers to have different representation than sellers, home buyers need someone on their side more than ever before.

4 reasons to consider MyBuy Real Estate:

1. Cost Savings: Saving time during the house hunt means saving money when you close the deal – get 0.5 per cent of the purchase price in cash after closing! “This is cash that comes out of the MyBuy agent’s commission, but we do it because we want home buyers to feel good about their purchase. Who gets to go on vacation after buying a house? Or buy a TV? You can use this cash however you want,” Anthony says.

2. Insider Connections: With 33 years of real estate experience in the Capital Region, Anthony knows the business and he knows the area. “From my years in the industry and work with the real estate board including 4 years as a Director, I’ve gotten to know the majority of the realtors out there and have a great reputation with all members! I’ll use those connections to help buyers find homes that haven’t even been listed yet,” Anthony says. Once Anthony knows your preferences, he’ll leverage these relationships to find homes that fit your needs.

3. Convenience: Get the MyBuy app to upload your preferences and gain immediate access to listings and information, then narrow your options by viewing home exteriors on your own time. “With a traditional real estate agent you can waste a lot of time scheduling meetings to look at houses, but with MyBuy you can visit listings when it’s convenient for you. If you see something you don’t like, whether that’s a steep driveway or traffic noise, you can quickly cross it off the list before wasting time with a viewing,” says Anthony. With one click on the app you can find out a home’s value, do mortgage calculations and more. See something you like? Your MyBuy agent will get you inside for a closer look!

4. Expert Counsel: “I’m here to serve buyers and make suggestions, but the final decisions rest with you,” Anthony says. Wondering what to offer? Anthony will give you advice. Worried about a multiple-buyer situation? He can help you make a video to personalize your offer to the homeowner.

Visit for more information, or call 250-483-1483 to talk to Anthony about your options.