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Garage sale maps are back!

You’ve woken up bright and early, set up tables on the lawn, and even brewed up some coffee. You’re garage sale is ready to go! Wait a second, where is everybody? The lawn sign and telephone pole posters just didn’t cut it and nobody knows you’re selling your stuff. Well for every problem there’s a solution, in this case – garage sale maps! Each weekend this summer we’ll be publishing a map of Greater Victoria’s garage sales. Here’s how it works…

How to be listed:

  • Post an ad on UsedVictoria for your garage sale
    • Ensure your ad is posted on our site by 12:00pm on the Thursday preceding the weekend you’ll be hosting the garage sale.
  • Include the date of your sale in the title
  • Add your postal code to the listing and your street address in the description
  • Note¬†the hours of your sale to avoid early birds and late arrivals
  • Mention a few great items that you will have for sale
  • When the sale is over, post your remaining items on

Tips for prepping your garage sale:

  • Try to plan for the summer months in Victoria when rain is less likely
  • Schedule it for earlier in the day to avoid the heat of the afternoon
  • Collect your items and sort them into categories like small appliances, clothing, toys or games
  • Get your supplies ready (price tags, LOTS of change, signs)
  • Post signs on nearby cross streets
  • Have some fun haggling
  • Avoid some of the common mistakes as mentioned in this blog post from’s President.


Published garage sale maps can be found Friday at 12:00pm at