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$100 · Life Imploding? Big Changes Demand Real Insight

Are you facing an unsolvable life implosion, trying to navigate these world changes? Feeling afraid/angry? Feeling out of place? Relationships, career, health failing? Looking for insight, direction, truth? Ready to know where you're going, why life is the way it is? Are you stuck in fear? Do you want real insight? Do you know why humanity is changing now? Do you want the big picture? Do you know what it means to love yourself and how to put the past behind you? How do you begin again? How do you live an authentic-to-yourself life? How do you rise above anger and balance your chemistry to feel emotionally balanced again? How to heal yourself? Have you pondered the physics of consciousness? Do you want to know about death? Heal addictions? Is your life repeating the same pattern? Do you want to rise above it and move on to better days? Bottom line is all problems can self-solve if you understand why they are there and how to handle them. There are no coincidences, no mistakes and no wrong paths forward, but there is a path forward that puts to rest the fear/unknowns, old patterns, past drama and trauma, so you can live life to your highest potential, truly and hear/trust your intuition to stay on course. It is the time to change, as everything around you changes. Make the most of your life going forward. Are you are ready to break through old ways of thinking that no longer serve you? If so, let's talk. I charge $100 per session. Sessions are about an hour long or more, depending on the flow of the conversation. My insight is life-changing and powerful, to help put you on a path of exploration where you become your own teacher. Do you want this kind of direct help and insight, with direct answers and real solutions that work? I am not an academic, medical professional. Consider me a life coach with real insight for very new and very real challenges of the day.

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May 29, 2021
August 31, 2021
September 30, 2021
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