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Want to be a part of a Famous YouTube channel? HERE is your Opportunity!!

Social media experts required for growing YouTube channel. To make a successful YouTube channel it takes a team, someone in each corner of social media. At this time I'm looking for an expert for each platform. Someone that can help create a great following and post photos and videos daily Currently interested in people that know a lot about instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. How will it work? What does it pay? Well let me tell you a little bit about the channel. It is a comedy parody Channel related to car stuff drag racing, building gadgets for cars, stuff like that but it's all just in a comedy light. Much like the old Red Green Show, more related to drag racing vehicles. Everything is a joke, everything is a prank, and so far people love the videos. The parody is built around the Cletus McFarland YouTube channel, the character cousin fetus is a hodge podge blend of several people including comedians. I hired a guy a few months ago to help me with filming, and to help start the social media aspect. He said he had several cameras and knew a lot about YouTube so I paid him in advance to help me get things started on Instagram Facebook and Twitter since those are the platforms I am not well schooled on, and don't have time for. But they are important boosters for a YouTube channel. Turns out the guy didn't know much at all about making videos, and never even open the Instagram account, and from what I could tell he had no ability to help me gain followers. So it was a waste of time and money. Currently I am concentrating solely on making this YouTube channel work. You have to believe in something to make it work. At this time I am looking for someone to help. If think you have what it takes. With my last experience, I need someone that can show me they can do it, and can volunteer some time to get it started . Then I will pay $18 per hour, and when the channel takes off I'm willing to help the people that have helped me. So If you are a part of this channel when it takes off, you will be granted an above average income from the YouTube channel advertising streams, merchandise sales, and any other type of revenue connected directly to the YouTube channel and merchandise. I do have a website set up and some merchandise available already, more is on the way. If you think you have what it takes to help me and help the channel grow on Instagram, facebook, or Twitter, and you have the will to put in some time and effort now to reap the benefits and rewards later, please contact me. I'm looking for serious people that really want to be a part of a team that has a successful YouTube channel. I personally have 10 years experience with YouTube and social media, I've had a few successful YouTube channels in the past with other subjects, but now I'm moving into comedy and entertainment related to cars and drag racing. This is a unique opportunity, there is very little or maybe even no other competition. Nobody is doing a comedy parody about drag racers and car related YouTube channels. So this has a lot of room to grow, and a very large potential audience that is currently untapped. If you want to check out some of the material and see if it's for you, you can use this link to join me on YouTube and then email me or text me . Copy and paste this link into your browser or click the YouTube link at bottom of this ad to go directly. Text me ( Jeff ) at 250-857-2374 or email below if you think it's for you and you can help by posting videos and images on Instagram Twitter and Facebook daily, and have good knowledge how to gain followers. Click this YouTube link below to watch one of the videos now to see if it's for you.

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June 14, 2022
September 12, 2022
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