Financial & Banking Services Victoria Area
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Financial & Banking Services Victoria Area
Bookkeeping/Small Business Organization & Management Services

Do you need more than just a bookkeeper? Do you need someone who is easy to talk to? Someone who knows how to break things down into simple terms you can understand? How about someone who will teach you what you need to know, who can help you in most every aspect of running and building your business, and even more importantly, won't judge you for wherever it is you now find yourself at? Maybe you've been trying to do it all yourself, but haven't been able to find the time or desire to get to it, and even then aren't sure if you're missing things or if you're even doing everything right? Or worst case scenario, you've found it all so time-consuming and/or frustrating that you've put it on the back burner telling yourself you'll get to it later but have now found yourself months, or even (gasp!) years behind. (Don't worry, I won't tell anybody!) Whatever the reason you are where you are doesn't matter, what does is getting it fixed so you can finally stop dragging that chattering mind monkey around with you everywhere you go and you can go back to sleeping well at night. As for myself, I have well almost 30 years of trial by fire experience in bookkeeping, office, and small business management, have excellent references, and offer a range of much needed services almost unheard of when it comes to your standard outside bookkeepers or drop off style offerings. If you or your business needs it I most probably can & will help you with it. I not only love what I do and my reasons for doing it, I also genuinely care about each and every one of my clients, their successes and failures, which is why above and beyond is how I always do things. So...if something more is what you need and you value what you do enough to want the right person in your corner helping you do it even better, call or email me when you get a minute and we'll go from there. No pressure, no obligation, just a chat. Hoping to talk soon! Selina 250-730-0525

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