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Video Game Design Tutoring (Ages 7-14)

Fresh off the success we had this past year at Quadratic Sound our instructors are currently available to do one on one sessions for Level 1 and 2 Game Design till we find a new home to continue running camps! Sessions will be done at the local library closest to you! Send us an email to discuss a schedule, program details and more! Level 1: GAME OVER! Don’t just be a gamer! Become a Game Developer! In this program participants will get the opportunity to design their very own 2D video games! This program will help kids develop their creativity and turn their imaginations into reality. Participants will do everything from planning a storyboard for their game, designing their own characters, creating unique environments to programming a showdown with the final boss! Each participant will get to take home their game with them at the end of the program. Have your friends and family play it! No prior coding/programming experience is necessary. Min 12 hours recommended. Level 2: This is for the kid who wants to become a SERIOUS Game Developer! In Level 1 participants were introduced to game designing, in Level 2 we will take it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Participants will be using one of the best Game Engine Software's out there as they learn how to code their very own video game! This program will help kids develop their creativity and turn their imaginations into reality. At the end of the program participants will be given the opportunity to publish their game to online stores! Stores such as Humble, Steam, or! Learn what it takes to become an independent game developer! Basic computer skills are necessary. Completion of Level 1 Game Design is recommended but not necessary. Min 30 hours recommended.

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October 16, 2021
January 14, 2022
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