Commercial Properties For Rent Victoria Area
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Commercial Properties For Rent Victoria Area
$650 · Huge Shared Commercial Kitchen in Victoria
  • Square Footage6000

Hello and thank you for reading, Kitchen space starting at $650 per month plus GST. We have available for lease a huge 6000 sq ft commercial kitchen with VIHA approval available to rent and shared amongst other local businesses, endless parking for ample and easy loading and unloading (parking included). Ample refrigeration and all cooking equipment.. We have multiple sinks, dishwasher, 3 steam kettles, 2 ovens, endless storage and many work spaces. There is noting in Victoria like it. We have an office which is available for shared use at any time, a lounge chill out area with couches, a table and TV (with netflix) for your well deserved breaks, down time or team meetings, multiple computer stations with free printing, access to label printers and more, our washrooms are even multi person (men and women are separate). Disability access too. Located but a block away from Wholesale Club in Esquimalt, it's hard to get any closer making the space perfect for that moment you realise you missed that cheeky item off your shopping list. The kitchen should be a space for all of your needs, that's why we have shared computers (macs) for your use or hold your meetings in our shared office. Use the office when ever it's free for your needs too. Cool air blows throughout our HVAC system 24/7 and we have AC.. and that's the kind of stuff dreams are made of when it comes to kitchens! Sorry - we don't allow any deep frying or catering companies but we welcome all other business types. Need something just for a day, or just for an hour? We offer daily rates: $200 per day Hourly rates at $45 per hour (Minimum 2 hours) Want a place to cook for your market products or wholesale orders? All tenants get discounted food at our cafe locations, because we love you. We have kitchen space available starting at $650 + GST, part time. Half a months rent required as deposit. First 3 months are discounted to help you get started when you need space 2 days a week or more! Come and go as you please, we provide you with plenty of storage and will help make the space right for you. Please email for more information and include a brief description of your business and intended kitchen use, we can't wait to hear from you and welcome you to our shared kitchen in Esquimalt :) We're Soupa Cafe and we can't wait to meet you! Have an awesome day and reach out.. seasoned entrepreneurs or first timers, take the first step and reach out with your inquiry today! Month to month leasing, don't get tied up in any contracts unless you ask for them. If you don't have equipment, that's no problem, use ours! If you have equipment you want to bring with you that's no problem too! Come and start building your local food business today! Shared kitchen space, commissary kitchen, ghost kitchen, community kitchen , commercial kitchen for rent, viha kitchen, kitchen for hire

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August 30, 2022
January 14, 2023
April 14, 2023
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