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$1,234 · Need help organizing, downsizing and decluttering?

I offer in home organizing, downsizing & decluttering services. My approach is for you to experience a therapeutic purge of the things you need to get out of your life. The things you are ready to let go of. We will work in 3-4hr increments on the areas that you want to tackle. As a team we will work together to do the hard task of letting go. I will be there, non-judgmentally, to hold space for your experience. I do not use shaming techniques, or question your reasoning. However, if you want to share, I will hold safe space for you. I have a myriad of skills, as this life has let me wear many hats. One great skill I have is a keen sense for walking into a space that might be "jumbled" and being able to find ways to make things organized & accessible. Or, as I have found, some people are more interested in cleaning and tiding without rearranging much of anything, putting things back as they were but still not "jumbled". Its my magic! :) For instance, I can tackle your big recycling pile that you need to get to the bottle depot, but just can't seem to get around to. Or what about that home office space that needs some filing, sorting & clean up? How about that room, closet, pantry, basement crawl space, etc that you keep meaning to purge & organize, but heck, who has time? Or possibly you get halfway in and feel defeated? Maybe you are flummoxed before a move & just don't want to deal with all the things you don't want to take with you? I'll get it out of your way. I have a little pickup truck so I can remove boxes & items easily, getting donated or taken to the dump. Additionally, if you have items you would like to sell we can discuss the many various options available for selling your wares. Please text me for the quickest response and set up a time soon. Peace & blessings Leah Testimonial: After two years of pandemic living, my home had accumulated more than I needed & could comfortably live with. Leah's ad resonated with me, and she instinctively understood how to reduce unneeded belongings to organize my home. Her energy was boundless & connected with an ability to picture a clean, orderly space, my home is now much more peaceful & calm. It was a wonderful experience to work with her. I recommend Leah highly. Ian M. Victoria, BC

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October 15, 2021
January 14, 2022
April 14, 2022
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