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Cattle Victoria Area

farm wanted for artisanal dairy

I’m looking for a place where I can get a small-scale dairy going. During the last 20 years, I have started / been involved with 4 cowshares … that term meaning : a dairy where the cows are jointly-owned, from which we take home our own property, ie. the milk. Members are folks who look after our own health, particularly = producing milk with qualities significantly different from what’s available at retail stores. 

 So we underwrote the private enterprise, paying an Agister ( farmer ) to look after the cows and packaging our property for us to pick up at the farm. A cowshare does not sell milk in to commerce : it is in the nature of a limited partnership One of the cowshares I organized was Home on the Range in Chilliwack. In May 2007 we started with one Jerseycow in the backyard. By the time we got shut down 6 years later, our dairy was supplying REAL MILK to 500 households in the lower mainland. We proved the concept = there certainly is demand for fresh, whole, pure, truly-organic raw milk, produced from grassfed cows. And it can be done safely. No one ever got sick from drinking milk from our dairy. Photos of that enterprise may be viewed on my website < 

 The Campaign for REAL MILK has proven that when dairying is done properly, risk of illness from drinking raw milk, is minimal. For extensive info. on that topic, see the website < > As of today, distribution of raw milk for human consumption is illegal in British Columbia pursuant to a regulation of the Public Health Act but that’s about to change. Today, there are 40 cowshares in B. C. providing raw milk to neighbourhoods. The largest of which has 12 cows in milk, serving about 250 members. I want to get the dairy going on Southern Vancouver Island so that when raw milk is de-criminalized, I’ll be in position to supply fluid milk to people who want it in Victoria. Once the milk is flowing, an artisanal creamery making butter and cheese will follow naturally. To start with, I require a property of 2 acres or more of pasture. Ideally, the property has a barn and/or outbuildings on it. But that’s not crucial. I have tools for building shelters and fencing. Please contact me and let’s meet to discuss possibilities Gordon Watson Telephone 250 391 1103 email

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November 9, 2022
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