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Custom monthly blog post to help establish local businesses as authorities and strengthen their SEO. Reach a wider audience and increase your confidence in your industry Its simple blog content can boost your SEO and help build trust in your customer base, but creating fresh and valuable content every month is time-consuming. Our team of creative writers can create monthly blogs of 500 words, related sources, images, and then work its magic! Why do blogs matter? Everyone knows that blogging is an important part of being seen as a subject matter expert in Google’s eyes. Most entrepreneurs, however, never post messages on their blogs. Not enough hours to write, edit and publish for days. Our agency helps you increase your website engagement while you’re away and helps you advance it manually. With monthly automated content, your online presence is constantly increasing. By creating content on a regular basis, you can invest in your future as well as showing ads. When you build a strong online presence, it helps you maintain the long-term health of their business, not just an immediate reward. What are the advantages? 1. Increase Brand Awareness Blog entry on the website is indexed as a potential search engine result. Increase your SEO and increase your online visibility with a single blog or take it to the next level with add SEO Enhanced. With 500 words, additional stock images, images, and metadata, and give your blog the extra SEO support it needs! 2. Loyal Writers Our team of creative writers will conduct the research and write on any provided topic. If a topic is not provided every month, we will select an industry-appropriate topic on your behalf. We create grammatically accurate and engaging content to attract new customers to your business. – 1 SEO-friendly blog – up to 500-1200 words – 1 – 3, stock images on the blog * Build decency between you and your customers. Blogs can help you become an authority in your field. * Attract more customers to your site! This increases customer awareness about your services and products and strengthens your SEO status. * Continuous blog publishing strengthens your online presence and encourages customers to revisit your website

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