Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia

Creating a world of understanding, empathy and acceptance, where people with mental illness are included as equal contributing members in all spheres of society.

In January 2010, the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia came to fruition, with many welcomed successes and growth over the years. The concept of the Bipolar Babe Project began as a t-shirt and a catchy logo of a super hero “Stomping out Stigma.” Andrea Paquette is now Executive Director of Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia. She conceptualized the project because she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her mid-twenties and wanted to share her story so others did not suffer needlessly as she did. The launch of ignited the popularity of the cause and inspired support in the local and national communities. With the valuable support of many talented and amazing individuals, the Board of Directors successfully obtained charitable status very quickly as a demonstration of the need for mental health education and support in the community. The society set its sights on success by reaching as many people as possible with the “Bipolar Babe: Stomping out Stigma” message.

The society now hosts five programs: Stigma Stomp Classroom Presentations, Community and Workplace Presentations, Teens2Twenties Support Group, Women’s 25+ Support Group and, the newest addition, the West Shore Support Group, which began in January 2014.

The Society continues to grow and is changing negative perceptions and attitudes with an authentic and honest approach from people who truly care about the lives of those that live with mental health challenges. This past year has been truly inspiring for
us and we look forward to continuing to make this a world free of stigma, while instilling the values of understanding, empathy and acceptance.

Proceeds from the items below will go directly to Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia through a secure credit card payment.
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